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Bealtaine 'Circle of the Sun' song written by Xenia 2018


For around it turns, the wheel of the year,

Spring flowers fall, when the Summer is near.

circle of life, beauty rebirth comes clear,

join the light, when the blossoms appear.



It`s a time, where some Twitter news form our sight,

with Facebook-Fake-Friends looks the loneliness bright,

chasing for changes, but feelings just stay,

all advertisement colour feels grey.


And from this depression we tend to step back,

to the myst`ries of nature we tried to forget,

hear stories and see, what our grandsires have done,

celebrating the circle of sun.


Ung gur, gama he-ja, tyr hafa tunga ma he.


For around it turns...


Seeking for places, where spirits felt stong,

they heard birds and fairies compete in their songs,

coming together and find harmony,

singing, sharing the old mysteries.

For around it turns...


Ung gur, gama he-ja, tyr hafa tunga ma he.


Faithful and patient, in sweat with their hands,

loving the light they built sun monuments,

accepting themselves as a part of the whole,

you can trust, but you cannot control.


For around it turns...


Ung gur, gama he-ja, tyr hafa tunga ma he.

Ung gur, gama he-ja, tyr hafa tunga ma he.

Imbolc Firesong written by Xenia 2018

Cold nights have come and calmed the world,

the land lays down in peace.

Strong winds have blown, what`s left is whirled,

when frozen are beliefs,


Then we light the fire, face the pain

and lend each other hands.

Let the warmth full trust go through your veins

and see the fires dance!


Light of the flame, memories remain,

dance cause you can and bring life through your brain.


When snowflakes cover hope and green,

big steps are seen as sin,

and you feel, you cannot stand the death,

until the new begin,


Then we light the fire, face the pain

and lend each other hands.

Let the warmth full trust go through your veins

and see the fires dance!


Light of the flame, memories remain,

dance cause you can and bring life through your brain.


Colourful the life goes on,

Brigid we give thanks,

heaviness and fear are gone,

just let us sing again.


Light of the flame, memories remain,

dance cause you can and bring life through your brain.

Samhain 2005

The wheel has turned again this year
And now we face the winter fear
Of darkened days and lengthened nights
And sudden shadows that give us frights
From highest hill to lowest vale
We look to winter and can not fail
We turn to face what we most dread
Those darkened monsters of the head
And when we face our inner dead
We cleanse those monsters from our head
The wheel has turned we face the dark
Behold the center, the winters spark.

Martin Dier

Ancient Sleepers

We are the Ancients, playing with the clay
We are the Ancients, creating this new way
We are the Ancients, puzzle as we may
We are the Ancients, born another day

Not doing what we did, but still seeking what we sought
Recreating our new world with peace and love and thought
Caring for our fire an essence that can't be bought
We are the Ancients, the ones that we have wrought

We are the Sleepers, waking up today
We are the Sleepers, finding the older way
We are the Sleepers, the ancient record keepers
We are the Sleepers, the sainted mystery teachers

A prayer for Tara

lone druid

Gurbh míle maith agat Tara agus céad mile Buíochas duit.

May the rain fall softly on your fields and the sun shine warmly on your stones.

May you always have a friend at your back.

May you have wise and articulate council to carry your voice.

May you  have a community that love, support and value you.

May you go forward with a sense of hope and enthusiasm.

May your essence live here as long as you wish.

May the aurora light your starry filled night skies.

May you always be alluringly beautiful.

May all peoples find succour from your rounded breasts.

May you continue to nourish the world and may the world be nourished by you.

Tara go deo.

20109122010   The Unknown

anne mandala
Spiraling mists,
Ancestors, ancient wisdom,
Sacred places, sacred time,
Incubation in the darkness,
Lightbeams awaken,
Descendants, vibrations.
DNA, frequency changes,
Adjusting, returning,
Wisdom Keepers, beyond time,
Stones and fire,
Standing ones ,
wind and water,
Grid connections,
interplaetary tunings.
Spinning, aligning,

Anne Newman


Speak to us Tara

We call upon all creation

as it looks upon us,

As we look upon it.


Speak to us from the seven directions,

From our right,  From our left, 

From in front,  From behind,

From above,  From below,

From within.

We call upon all creation

as it looks upon us,

As we look upon it.


Speak to us Ireland.

Whisper your story.


Share your love and your pain.

We are here to listen

to your heart song.

We are here to accomplish

your renewal.

Speak to us Tara.

Shout your truth on the wind.

Raise your breath in a great rejoicing

And we will raise up and join you

In your love and in your pain.


Speak to us Lia Fail.

Remain mute and we shall remain mute.

Surrender to your heart

and we shall surrender ours.

We come into your presence in joy and respect,

Recognising our ancestry, our future and our present

Is found in your wisdom and in your vitality.


Speak to us our hearts, our love,

For we are in all creation,

In the timelessness of eternity,

As much as we are within ourselves and within all beings,

Within earth, on earth and in the universal forever.


Tree - Drawn in Two Directions

Tree -  Roots Plunge Downwards

deep within the earth, in the creative core,
harmony and balance, as crystal rivers roar.
Tree -  Trunk Soars Upwards.
deep within the universe, in the creative soul,
harmony and balance, as timeless rivers roll.
 Tree Resolves Core and Soul.
Growing certain, full with wisdom,
 Tree withstands the winds of strife.

Tree desires eternal life.

Harvest is a time to mourn

Harvest is a time to mourn,
We cut and break the dying corn,
And leave the fields bare.
In Spring we tell the corn we care
In Spring we walk the fields and share
Our love with nature’s growing life
But with harvest comes death’s long sharp scythe.
Harvest is a time of grief,
We tie the corn into a sheaf,
And husk and chaff we rip and tear.
Harvest is a time of woe,
We claim the seeds we helped to grow,
Cook them in a burning fire,
An oven like an ancient pyre.
We bake the bread to fill our bellies
And the corn’s great seed discovers what hell is.
A cruel time this harvest season
For summer’s high sun reveals the reason
Why we plant and why we give,
It is truly so that others may live.
Harvest is a time of death
A time to stop and take a breath
And if you live to take another
Thank the corn and bless earth mother.
Save some seeds, a few to sow,
For from this death new life may grow.

Sacred Ground Landscape


Submission for the Preparation of the Draft Landscape Conservation Area for Tara Skryne 2010

Download the full text of the document here

Whether of indigenous, local or mainstream traditions, the management of sacred natural sites in legally protected areas is in its infancy and without precedent.


By implementing the proposals put forward in this document we would be honouring our traditions, our roots and our ancestors and hand to the future generations a landscape of sacred land in good health.


The creation and recognition of the "Sacred Ground Landscape" conservation area for Tara Skryne provides the Irish nation and Meath residents with an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the world in the creation, recognition and management of Sacred Ground.


Proposals of this Submission


We propose the the following strong forward-looking actions to conserve, enhance or restore the sacred landscape.


Inclusion of the term "Sacred Ground" under point 2.2.5 Social and Community Context Section II Draft Tara Skryne LCA with particular reference to the implementation of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Sacred Natural Sites - guidelines for protected area managers.


We would like to see the inclusion of contemporary history as well as pre 1900s history being considered and weighted in issues to do with Tara Skryne.




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