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Summer Solstice 2018

One of the ceremonies on the Hill of Tara this Summer Solstice - thanks to JA for the photo.

(if you are not familiar with the stories connecting Tara to Egypt, Tea Tephi and the Ark of the Covenant, you will find lots of info by doing a Google search, then make up your own mind)

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Summer Solstice 2018 - Ahakista, West Cork - Celebrate the Sun with a Song of your Heart

This year's Summer Solstice celebration is in a beautiful location in West Cork.

Date: Sunday 17th June


Venue: Ahakista, West Cork Ireland.


Time: 11am (& sunrise for those who can). We will meet in the “Arundels by the Pier” car park at 10.30am.

There will be an initial ceremony at sunrise for those that can make it but the main event is at 11am.

All attending are asked to bring:
3 pink roses
All the crystals you can
A song and/or musical instrument
A towel (for drying feet after a walk in a river)
Wear white clothes if possible
As usual, some food and drink to share afterwards


Cork Summer Solstice

 After a mindful walk through the woods, we will come to a river where we will take off our shoes and cross to the other side.

We will make a heart from all the crystals and connect the deepest Earth (crystals) to Mother Sun.


All of the Elements will be involved in the ceremony and people are asked to bring something small and symbolic to burn in a cauldron.


We are asked to share some songs before the ceremony (perhaps online through Facebook etc.) so all can join in the singing and fulfill the Theme of the day: “Celebrate the Sun with a Song of your Heart”.

To drive to Ahakista, head for Cork City/Bantry (depending on where you’re coming from), go to “Durrus” and from here, take the L4704 to Ahakista (Signs for “Sheeps head walk”).


All are welcome, young and old, and it might be an idea for some who have far to travel to plan an overnight stay. It has been suggested by the host to check out accommodation AirnB etc. in the Sheeps Head area rather than Bantry which can be more costly in the summer season.

Do join us for this wonderful celebration to mark Midsummer time – you won’t regret it!




Photos from the event


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