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Sunday 29 July 2018 -  Loughanleagh, Co. Cavan - The Higher Ground

loughanleagh 2018 c

Meeting at the picnic area. Park there and walk up the hill to the summit past the pylons.

Back to the seats for tea afterwards.

Special views from up there and it has the history of holding Lughnasa festivals.


Meet at 12.30 in the Bailie Hotel in the centre of Bailieborough for those interested in a bite to eat first - does a good Carvery lunch.

The hill is very close to the town.


Thanks to Pat and JA for photos of the day

lughnasa 2018 e

loughanleagh 2018 a

loughanleagh 2018 d

loughanleagh 2018 b

loughanleagh 2018 g

loughanleagh 2018 h

loughanleagh 2018 f

loughanleagh 2018

lughnasa 2018


Photos below taken on a  visit Autumn 2017...  

signs on the road from Kingscourt...  continue driving up to the site from these


Parking on roadside -

at info boards and picnic area.

loughanlea a

Large mast on top of hill

loughanlea b

Picnic area

loughanlea c

View from The Higher Ground

loughanlea d





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