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A selection of events those involved with Tara Celebrations

have assisted or organised

Mid-break Meditation & Healing Circle - 28 December 2017

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Winter Solstice and Christmas have been celebrated, we've cheered at children's nativity plays, friends and family catered for, Christmas gifts shared and opened...

what could you be missing?

Is there some hidden experience that could radically change how you see the world? Now is certainly the best time to contemplate the world around you.

Month's Mind for Dana - 21 September 2017

A tradition in Ireland, the Month’s Mind, commemorates someone who has died about 30 days after their passing.

This echoes the Wicca tradition that the soul is journeying for the whole cycle of a moon, about 28 days.

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Many of us know Dana and have enjoyed sharing sacred and powerful ceremonies as well as just times of being together.


Blessings on her life and support and love to her immediate family and friends.


Mini-Eclipse Ritual - 21 August 2017



A ritual done in the path of totality in the US , North Carolina, on 21st August 2017 at 2.30pm Local time.

(Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness)

As the world wide attention will be on shadow in one area I thought that it may be appropriate to consider using this powerful time to consider our own light and shadow selves and how it contributes to the greater collective.   We may despair at all the chaos in the world at present with leaders without morals, racial tensions escalating, global warming and the list goes on....  However using the insight we all may have heard of, that of " we can not love nor hate anything about the world lest it is in our own heart", and dealing with it using the principles of ho'oponopono.   

Forgive me, I am sorry, I thank you, I love you, I bless you,

Feel free to adapt the prayer/ritual to your own needs, knowing that healing your own heart heals the heart of humanity in a way that avoids judgement.....  feel, imagine , sense or see the power flow back into alignment with you and the world.  Own this redeemed power as the world will never be the same again...............

Great Spirit. Please forgive me for "Being at the brink of nuclear war (or whatever)"
Whatever is in my heart that I feel "explosive and destructive about" .....forgive me
As the moon blocks out the sun to produce darkness and coldness, so my erroneous thoughts, words and deeds have blocked out love.  Yet at the darkest point I see the light behind my block and I see the block sliding away to unveil the greater light and the deeper mystery.   I am sorry for giving this misqualified energy expression in my life, for behaving as if it were real and had consequence, it led me away from feeling bliss.
Great Spirit, please remove this misqualified memory/energy/pattern from me now, as the moon moves across the sun.   Remove it from my past, present and future. In this life and in all lifetimes.  Remove it In every direction of time and space, in this dimension and every dimension.  Remove it from my memories and thoughts and family tree.  Remove it from when I came in at the point of creation with this energy.

Thank you for listening to me.  Thank you for hearing me.  Thank you for removing this from me.  Thank you.Thank you.Thank you.   I bless you from the bottom of my heart.  I love you.  I love you.  I love you.



BBC Radio 4 broadcast - Open Country - Winter Solstice at Newgrange 2016

Now available on BBC iplayer  – this is a wonderful programme with some thought provoking ideas.

As Bernadette says, all you need is a flask and warm clothes and to go out to enjoy the event...

It is about meeting up with people who you can get on with, and who you can share with, and you feel comfortable with,

and they don't have to bring anything or be a certain person.



Hare in the Moon - October 2016

hare in the moon

There are many legends and connections between the hare and the moon and we brought these together in an afternoon at Bective Mill.

The large blossom, unusually still in flower at this late time of the year, symbolised our moon, with a hare sitting under the table, present in all the energies.

We shared a meditation to the Earth Goddess and Hare, then made Moonbraids, an interweaving of moon and its new and full phases to be put out under next new moon to infuse its energies and link to the moon's teachings.


Review & Way Forward 2016/17

At Samhain 2016 some of us got together to review and learn from the previous 8 gatherings of the annual cycle and to outline possibilities for the next round.

A talking stick, specially made and full of symbols, was used to maintain order and allow each voice to be heard.

Also a circlet of wooden beads mapped out the 8 ceremonies and new moons of 2016/17.

We agreed that there would be a mix of Hosts, sometimes one person would have a strong call to organise a ceremony, othertimes a group would get together to meditate and agree the arrrangements.

review 2016


Review and Way Forward Conversation 2014/15

Anyone who would like to input their thoughts and inspirations for Tara Celebrations 2014 / 15 were invited to join in a Conversation after the Samhain gathering.


10 felt called to meet after the main get together to discuss 2014 / 15. We started by comments from those who had led ceremonies in the last cycle. We agreed to change the description of the main person from Designer to Master of Ceremonies. It was agreed again that the person would be anonymous to the wider public in order to avoid any personality cult arising. We agreed that the Master of Ceremonies for each festival would call the date, time and place of the get together but that person, if they feel they want to, should call a pre-plan group meditation and conversation, tuning into the seasonal energies. When asked who wanted to do a gathering next year 8 hands went up!


Bailiú Uisce Water Gathering - October 2014

Some visited Innishcrone in Sligo, sharing time together meditating on the power and importance of our lands, waters of the earth, death and rebirth. A second ceremony was held on the beach at Inniscrone blessing of the waters.

Enniscrone 001

Enniscrone 009

Enniscrone 005

Enniscrone 032

The event also referred to a gathering which is to take place in Aotearoa New Zealand, by the Waitaha Nation.  They say:

We all think we know what water is. We know it in the way we have lived our lives with the elemental form.  We know it has 2 little matters hydrogen and oxygen. Yet we do not know how to create  the water we drink.


A Conversation - meditation & healing circle - October 2014

An afternoon of sharing experiences and creativity related to meditation and healing circles.

We hope that in this way we can enhance, understand and move ahead in our practice, so that our personal and group experiences are 'of the moment' and connect to the 21st century energies.

 We used this talking stick to focus our thoughts, listening to what each other said without talking across each other or starting up side conversations.  It is a great asset to any meeting.

talking stick

Drumming and singing from the heart - August 2014

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....to Lift the Vibration with Love.

Beside Cairn T Loughcrew - Slieve na Cailleach, is Cairn V. 

The drum rests in front of the 'solstice stone', with its circular rock art.

5 numerology was strongly connected to this day.


A visit to the 'Heart of Uruguay' - Lughnasadh 2014

Some members of Tara Celebrations went to Howth yacht club recently to see the Uruguayan crystal heart.  Thanks to Bernie for this information:

I went to hear about and see the Uruguayan crystal heart and felt a gentle but powerful energy from it.  I feel at this time our planet and all the people on it can use what is available to us to help with the transition that is taking place.  This crystal has symbols inside that are unique and when it was tested by scientists they could only say it is 130 million years old and they can't explain its power.   It is worth seeing if you get the opportunity.

heart of Uruguay

It was found in 1966 by a mine worker who immediately felt its great power to heal and promote love in all who are come in contact with it. For many years he had people from his local village come to visit it, they told him of many benefits it had given them and the story soon spread to other parts of Uruguay.  He had lots of offers to sell it but refused them all saying he knew it was a gift to humanity. After he passed on the crystal was forgotten by the family and put away. 15 years went by then someone came to the village asking about the heart.  Since then it has been available to anyone to see and receive the healing that it offers.  It is brought around the world each year by Michelle Almeras who has spent his savings & retirement on allowing the power of this crystal to help all who come to see it.

Holistic Day - 9 August 2014

This is our gift back to ourselves for all those who have been to Monday Meddy nights, whether at An Tobar, Tara or now at Bective Mill.  Also those that have supported Tara Celebrations activities and events over the years. 

Beauiful flowers greeted us at the doorway thanks to Mary O.

Holistic day flowery welcome

holistic flyerholistic day intentions

The intention for the day is Creative Meditation, combining our own hand made items, with talking and demonstration.  Lunchtime will be an opportunity for everyone to get together for a meal.

Tree of Life

holistic day tree of life samples a

Holistic Day - Tree of Life

Crystals and silver wire create our Trees of Life

wonderful variety

same components different shapes

Essences from Trees

holistic day tree essences


As the rain fell and we could not go outside to connect to the trees or create our essences in sunshine, we were inspired by Tree cards chosen intuitively

We made Mother Essences using intention, then made Stock Concentrates and Dosage Bottles..


Sharing the blessings and gifts of apple and hornbean

 Holistic Day - Tree Essences shared with Boyne


Sending the essence gift to the Boyne and all the land she flows through...  ash, willow, hawthorn & Indian bean.


Sharing the blessings and healing gifts of the Elder


Review and Way Forward - Tara - 7 September 2013

Autumn Equinox 2013 eight people gathered to review the organisation and operation of Tara Celebrations.  During that meeting the eight agreed that one individual would be Designer for one of the 8 festival gatherings, starting Samhain 2013.  Each is responsible for calling where and when it is held and the content of the event.  Information is shared about this via email and this website.

2013 autumn equinox candle


What a Wonderful World - 29 September 2013

In the Hill of Tara Healing Centre.  Opening with a healing circle, then exercises awakening gratitude, and a meditation on the theme song.  In the afternoon we journeyed with the drum to meet our power animal.  Throughout the day we shared our experiences to gain greater clarity and insight.

Thanks to Bernadette for the photo of the butterfly who, in the morning, flew around the group then sunbathed in the Healing Centre.



butterfly from 29 sept

flyer pic


Courting the Goddess - Pilgrimage for Women 2013


Spring 2013 -  A wonderful day on Tara with Kathleen Verigin and her

Anam Cara Tours group


1st Wednesday Meditation & Healing Circle  2012 / 2013

Held in Seomra Tara with Mary and Nora

Themes included -

Heaven on Earth

(if you were now in heaven how do you visualise it?)

Earthly & Angelic Bhrighid

(Prayers & blessings of Brigid, meditation focussing on our inheritance of Brigid's gift of light and enduring truth, and a healing circle.  All received a Bhat Bhride.)

...Love is a flower and we are it's seed...

Readings & Blessings

Divine Mother


Healing the Family Tree

Brigid & Patrick

A Rising of the Phoenix

patrick & brigida



Healing Day - 10 November 2012

bowl at start of day

bowl with flowers


The empty bowl in the Labyrinth room An Tobar when we opened the day.  Many thanks to Mary Owens who guided us to creating energy bags of  flowers for healing,   and Susan who encouraged us to stand up and energise with pancha tanmantra '5 elements martial art'.

After a lunch break and short meditation and healing circle on positive intentions, Martin Dier led us through the experience of healing using bio-energy and eft.


Filled with all the good intentions and healing energies of the day the bowl transformed.

Healing Day - 21 July 2012

The First Circle opened the Day in the Labyrinth Room, An Tobar, with an Introduction and  Meditation, followed by a short Walk in Nature to collect items for our centre.  We then returned to tell the story of their collection and what 'messages' we got from what we saw as we walked.

For the Second Circle we move to the Oratory to share in Reiki explanation and demonstration with Bernadette and Aromatherapy practice and information with Eileen. We each chose the scents that attracted us at this time and then discovered what they were telling us about our lives. 

the inner hidden labyrinth  mandala 

The labyrinth hidden under a rug, just as much of our inner selves is hidden to the outer world.  We returned to the Labyrinth room for the Third Circle, creating a Personal Mandala, reviewing the day and closing the centre.

Meditation & Healing Circle Workshop - 28 July 2012

Meditation aim is to access your spiritual core / soul / to connect to your inner self / higher self / sacred self.

Healing Circle - Each person is responsible for their own healing - we are there to witness and support their personal process.


Grounding Basics - Bernadette

Brain patterns & Meditation state - Eileen

Talking Stick Discussion - Nora

Healing Circle:

Building up Energy - Bernadette

Format of Healing Circle - Eileen

Talking Stick Discussion - Nora

Earth Day 2012

butterfly rainbowdark

We gathered on Tara

to celebrate with Nancy Sherwood and her group from Canada.

"A Re-union of Souls"


Exploring the Geography of the Soul - Spring 2012


Kathleen Verigin

brought her Anam Cara Tour friends

for an evening event on Tara

old Dublin - Kells road



holy well 3


We celebrated two events on Tara

at 11am & 11pm on 11 November 2011

as part of a global event in unity, consciousness and love.

Click here for full report


Dreaming a New Dream for Ireland - October 2010

Special Samhain Ritual on the Hill of Tara at 6.00pm on Sunday 31 Oct 2010

with Dolores Whelan, Martin & Nora 

The purpose of Ritual was toTo initiate the season of Samhain (Wintertime) which is ruled by the Cailleach form of the Feminine energy. This is the energy that brings death to all those outmoded ideas, and ways of living that no longer serve us. The Cailleach energy prepares us for rebirth and new life when the winter time is over. 

To support each of us to recover our connection with our own souls and with the soul of Ireland so that we can reclaim our sovereignty and be empowered in the challenging times ahead.

We believe that this ritual will create a container for the important spiritual work that must be done in Ireland and so heal the wounds and those ancestral patterns that keep us stuck in disempowerment and victimhood.

Fire Ceremony for Greenland - July 2009

stoking sacred fire

Organised by Ice Wisdom

we joined in celebrating the return of trees to Greenland at the An Tobar woodland.

"To melt the ice in the heart of man"


Gathering of the Ancestors tour of the Hill of Tara and ceremony 2009

Like the fingers of a hand we are all part of the whole.

Throughout time we  have lived together – whatever our culture, we should love our traditions,  honour and share with others in equality. The times of separation are passed.


At this gathering we shall let heart take the lead,  acknowledge times past and know that we are the future.  We shall listen to the sounds of our surroundings and be with the earth, elements, sun, moon, all beings and ancestors to bring joy to ourselves and to the earth.

18 April 2009 - inviting the ancestors back to be healed of ancient sorrows.  Inviting the ancestors to help, teach, guide and love in this time of change with copal, frankinsence and myrrh, quartz crystal on Rath Grainne.

faces rath grainne incense


 did the Lia Fail show 2 faces as we connected to the Ancestors? we leave you to  decide...

We had a fantastic Samhain trip to Edinburgh 2007 and meditated with the Mitchell Hedges crystal Skull

We also took in Rosslyn and lots of other power points in the landscape

 mitchell hedges1


11:11:11 full report

11am and 11pm, on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011 we were inspired to do the following. This energy has reverberated on through the...

Month's Mind for Dana full report

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