Hill of Tara Landscape

As we journey, and continue so, through the eight festivals we find ourselves on different parts of the hill and in the surrounding landscape. As you journey through this website you will see pictures of different places and different people.  All unique and yet all in unity.

banqet long

The Hill of Tara lies in a north - south orientation.  It  is not particularly high.  There are no dramatic cliff edges or  noticeable natural features...  and from the east it barely seems a hill at all.  Just a gentle rising of the land.  Coming from the west it appears as a bank against the skyline.  

church  moundsynods

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And yet.... 

...it has the capacity to stir the hearts and souls of all that tread its ground.   It 'gets under the skin' and you either laugh or cry as you walk where thousands have walked before you.  Humanity has played out its history in lives of feasting and battle on these gentle slopes,  and the hill has somehow energised the whole thing;  the  emotions, the thoughts, the physical actions and the spirituality enhanced in those that visit.

well after

 Here human beings have raised massive embankments, cut into the bedrock with our ditches, creating circular and linear features for who knows what purpose, our ancestors reasons lost in the mists of time, their mystery remaining for each who cares to consider and interpret the intentions of those far off days.

tara 1798 memorial

mound art tara

For that is the enduring gift of Tara.  It can be whatever you want it to be.  The land is firm beneath you, the sky  wide above you and the views immense.  It may seem insignificant but it broadens your horizons and supports you.


The most familiar view from Tara - looking across the Gabhra valley to Skryne Church

Hillside Monuments

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Holy Well

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Tara's Sacred Wells

The Sacred Wells of Tara Tara ’s Sacred Wells – from the TARA Solstice Festival Booklet 2004 (updated 2008) Water occupies about two-thirds of a...

St John's Well

Note: there is NO PUBLIC ACCESS to the well as of June 2018 Discussions are on-going as to whether this can be arranged again in the future....

Dowdstown Bridge Tara

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Rath Lugh

Also named Rath Gabhra (Gabhra being the stream in the valley between the Skryne and Tara hillsides) or Mound of the Druids. There are said to be...

Sacred Art Rediscovered

Sacred Art rediscovered after thousands of years. Samhain is a special time of the year. It is the death of the old and the birth of the new....

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