Who we are : In Memory of Eileen


In Memory of Eileen Dowdall -     Rest In Peace

We love you  -  We thank you  -  We bless you


We'll miss her smile,
We'll miss her Scouse accent,
We'll miss her sense of humour,
We'll miss her meditations,
We'll miss her craft workshops,
We'll miss her warmth,
We'll miss her energy,
We'll miss Eileen.

 continuing candle

Labyrinth candle crafted by Eileen for the TRANSITION of the monday meditation from an Tobar to Tara. Eileen would get a kick from the date it was first lit....28th Jan 2013, 3 years to the date she would be buried, 28thJan 2016

river offering 2Eileen offering a gift of flowers to the river Blackwater at a Lughnasadh celebration.




In 2012 Eileen wove these baskets for the gifts to St Ciaran's well at the Lughnasadh celebration where we shared an inter-weaving dance.


Holistic Day - Tree of Life

Holistic Day 2014 Eileen taught us how to make Tree of Life pendants.  Those present have memories of us all being rather giddy and Eileen being firm but patient as we fumbled to twist our silver wires into trees.

 One still night in "An Tobar" Eileen excelled in the meditation on the blossoming heart, pictured right.


  The Stars are not wanted now:

put out every one;

Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun;

Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood.

For nothing now can ever come to any good.


heart full moon2


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