SAMHAIN : Samhain 2017 text and info

Samhain 2017 – by Marta and Dana


Explanation from the wiccan side:


Samhain is the ending of the old year and the beginning of the new year. So 'work' to leave things behind you have no use for anymore, you don’t want in your life, as well as welcoming new things are one major theme of this night.


Another of course is honouring the ancestors and, at times, receiving a message back.


For the carnivores among us it can also include honouring the animals that give their lives to feed and cloth us. It’s an actually 'nice' moment to say thank you to them as well, maybe light a candle for them too and set it separately (not with the ancestor candles or in the ancestors space, altar etc.).


Colours of Samhain:


Black, red, purple, orange. If anyone wants to dress like that, bring something in that colour, etc.


To bring (if possible):


If this is indoors, the photos or items 'can' (but don’t have to) be put up in a space facing North-East, for the ancestors, candles added to that.




Our wish is that someone of the group does the calling, or if they want to two – ideally a woman and a man, dividing the text.


We usually do two arm gestures for the Goddess and the God. I just want people to be comfortable with what they do.


It’s a calling that should be said loud and clear – and if anyone wants to know more about calling on Them they can also email me and ask.


But Samhain is of course a powerful time and the stronger we call back, feel, and are in the moment, the more we receive. It’s a wonderful… chance, I think.


Creating an ancestor space / altar for the moment.


Keep the candles, torches, etc. lit right from the start. You can place them on the ground before you, just somewhere safe and near you.


If anyone wants / can do this:


smudge the space / people (we usually use sage and / or lavender)


Calling the elements:


Before the Goddess / God calling, a calling of the elements whichever way the group wishes to please. To make the space safe.


Calling / Inviting:


Bright Goddess, Divine Mother!


Lord of the Forest, Divine Father!


On this sacred night we draw together

Bless us all, near and far.


Shine your healing light – accompany us on our path,


Guide our heads and our hearts always


And let your quick silver magic and your true wild heart


Bless all aspects of our lives,


Wherever our path leads.


The radiant wheel whispers and our silver song calls back.


In love and light:


Bless our ancestors


Bless our loved ones


Bless us standing here before you.


We see you – and you see us, and thus we are together, always.


May we always remember this. Blessed be.


Old year / new year:


If possible have a fire, even if only small and in a dish – to write what you want to leave behind in the old year onto a piece of paper, and then while summoning up all emotions of

'I really want to get rid of this'

toss it into the flames as soon as you’re ready.


Do really cast it off – you mean it – and if you need to, even yell 'away with this' or something, anything similar.


If there are more things than just one, do the same with each and every thing, (bad?) habit, etc..


You 'can' also write a person’s name here

just be sure you really don’t want them in your life anymore!


Honouring the ancestors:


Someone says as follows (or similar):


We remember those who were before us, our ancestors whose blood runs through our veins,

whose memories are within our souls.

We honour you and welcome you, with love and wisdom. And we remember loved ones…


Then someone of the circle starts, and afterwards one after another follows:


Tell something about a person who has passed – tell as much as you like. Say their name, who they are to you and something about them. Since this is usually very emotional, don’t forget that you can just as well tell a funny tale!!!


You can also mention a pet.


If someone really doesn’t want to say anything – that’s of course fine.


As wiccans we do have a rule that we don’t mention someone who has recently passed– we wait for one year after their passing.


Please do as YOU want to do here – we don’t set the rules here but we will go by them. It doesn’t mean that we don’t honour them (we still do, by setting a place at the table for them, by putting up photos, something of theirs etc.), but we let their soul be for one year in order not to pull it back too strongly (though if they choose to be present, they will be so anyway ☺).


After this, see how the ceremony develops. Sometimes you feel the presence of the ancestors very much by the area turning rather cold – this is very 'normal'. If it gets really chilly, huddle together. It’s a time of sharing and the occasional hug anyway as it 'is' emotional.




Take your candle etc. – thank in your mind or saying it out loudly for the last year

then snuff out,

then welcome the new year with your hopes of GOOD and positive things etc., then light it again.


Closing of the ceremony:


Departing of the Goddess / God:


Bright Goddess, Divine Mother!

Thank you for your wisdom and love, always

Thank you for sheltering us, carrying us, nourishing us,

Even now that we have long since been born.


Lord of the Forest, Divine Father!

Thank you for walking with us in love and wisdom, always

Thank you for protecting us and reminding us of our own wild selves,

Every day that we live more “tame” and structured lives.


In love and light:

Bless our ancestors


Bless our loved ones


Bless us standing here before you.


We see you – and you see us, and thus we are together, always.


May we always remember this.


Blessed be.


Something to do during the upcoming days until Yule:


If you want to follow this:


Keep a yellow or gold coloured candle lit at least once a day every day until 21st December. This is to encourage and support the Sun to return – since on 21st December the Sun King is born again. Feel free to scratch a Sun symbol into the candle, or “Lugh” and meditate with the candle. You can turn this into a simple supportive moment per day or into something bigger whenever you need it. You are working towards the return of the light again, so if any day you feel depressed or simply down, make this a theme when you light the candle (since the light always returns). Or if you want to plan something specific to follow up, make a new habit, start, you could theme it with the Sun, or with Lugh Himself (remember He’s the one talented in so many things, arts, leadership, wisdom, but as the Sun also fertility, etc.). You can keep the candle simple or you can add to it, decorate whichever way feels right to you.


With thanks also to Rose of Stonewylde for her inspiration

Page last updated: 24th Oct 2017