Other Activities : Month's Mind for Dana full report

Sharing these notes of what happened on the day for those that may want to hold a similar get together as well as a remembrance of Dana.

The view from Fourknocks - A beautiful sunny day, blue skies and warm. The elderberry was out on the path from the road, a hint of autumn on the trees.


4knocks 21917x


We got the key and went in. Immediately there were strangers at the door and we told them something about the place, which grounded and made us look around at the stones and talk of what we think was the ancient use of the site, as somewhere to remember the ancestors. They went and others arrived, familiar faces, 9 in all. We stood inside getting a feel for the place, putting some items in the centre, lighting candles, then a man appeared. A visitor who just happened to be calling by. We all gasped when he said he was from the same country as Dana! We explained why we were there and he decided to join in. 2 more ladies came to the door and we said 'you are welcome to join us', and they did.


Time to begin. We all went outside (for the daylight). We opened directions, focussing on elements and trying to bring the wiccan aspects in, as that was Dana's tradition.


Then we shared photos of Dana. Each person read a line, and we all said 'We remember her'...

At the rising sun and at its going down; We remember her.
At the blowing of the wind and in the chill of winter; We remember her.
At the opening of the buds and in the rebirth of spring; We remember her.
At the blueness of the skies and in the warmth of summer; We remember her.
At the rustling of the leaves and in the beauty of the autumn; We remember her.
At the beginning of the year and when it ends; We remember her.


We returned inside. Two more ladies arrived and decided to join in, so we went round the group, sharing where we were from and a little about ourselves. We ended up with 14 people.


We shared explanations of items placed in the centre, why the reminded us of Dana... a cake that a friend had baked, a candle that had been used in a gathering, pink rose and lavender sprigs, and those two colours in small candles.


4knocks 21917c


People shared stories of Dana, remembering times when we had all been together in gatherings, or personal memories.


We remembered others that had passed, sharing memories or just acknowledging them with our own thoughts.


4knocks 21917e


We were led in meditation, imagining that we walked down a coloured (chakra) path, ending on gold, then going into a woodland where people who were passed sat waiting for us. We joined with them and spent silent time, each getting from it what they would. Then we bid farewell and closed meddy.


Then we realised a song was needed and one felt guided to lead us all singing 'We've got the whole world in our hands'. No one knew the words so we made up our own words as people sang out different groups to hold in our hands, and Dana and Marta were of course one round!


We finished with a thanks and blessing. The remaining pieces of cake were broken and spread on the ground as a gift to the spirits of the place.


And one candle just kept on burning as we all chatted and said ourgoodbyes.


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So that was the Month's Mind for Dana at Fourknocks. Something that will live in the hearts of all those that were there forever....

and hopefully the energies will ripple out and help others who have passed and who are grieving.

Page last updated: 26th Sep 2017