Other Activities : 11:11:11 full report

11am and 11pm, on the 11th day of the 11th month of 2011 we were inspired to do the following.

This energy has reverberated on through the following years, with the 11.11 often appearing and inspiring our lives individually and as a group.



Here is a photo gallery of what we got up to during 11:11 on Tara.


Mary was our vision keeper and we feel honoured and privileged to have been part of a global event in unity, consciousness and love.


During the Morning we drew a phi spiral, read out the Great Invocation, Ohmed and meditated in silence for 11 minutes at 11:11am. Then we ended with a poem from environmentalist John Seed called  "Invocation".


During the evening at 11:11pm we went to the well under a radiant moon, gathered a jug of water (Age of Pisces) and meditated in silence for 11 minutes with water as our spirit of Gaia representative, then we read the poem "The Great Turning", followed by placing our hands on our heart and turning to each person in the group praying "my heart to your heart" and then the group collectively touched their hearts and touched the ground saying the same thing to Gaia. The jug of water was then passed to each who infused their love and gratitude into the water. Then the participants were asked to bless their feet with the water that they may walk in love and light. Mary anointed the gates forming an 11 and blessed the road we were to travel. She then poured all the water we did not use back into the well (Age of Aquarius) and we ended the ceremony.


Our thanks to all who took part in love and light.



Phoenix flame at the entrance

fairy path 1

fairy realm magic

fairy path 2


holy well1


holy well2


holy well4


holy well 3




crystal skull candle light

crystal skull spectators

crystal skull spectators


crystal spectators

moon shine

Orion rising

orion rising and john

ghostly moon

ghost light

cross of shadows

shadowed cross 1

shadowed cross 2


"We ask for the presence of the spirit of Gaia and pray that the breath of life continues to caress this planet home.

"May we grow into true understanding — a deep understanding that inspires us to protect the tree on which we bloom, and the water, soil, and atmosphere without which we have no existence.

"May we turn inward and stumble upon our true roots in the intertwining biology of this exquisite planet. May nourishment and power pulse through these roots, and fierce determination to continue the billion-year dance.

"May love well up and burst forth from our hearts.

"May there be a new dispensation of pure and powerful consciousness and the charter to witness and facilitate the healing of the tattered biosphere.

"We ask for the presence of the spirit of Gaia to be with us here. To reveal to us all that we need to see, for our own highest good and for the highest good of all.

"We call upon the spirit of evolution, the miraculous force that inspires rocks and dust to weave themselves into biology. You have stood by us for millions and billions of years — do not forsake us now. Empower us and awaken in us pure and dazzling creativity. You that can turn scales into feathers, seawater to blood, caterpillars to butterflies — metamorphose our species, awaken in us the powers that we need to survive the present crisis and evolve into more eons of our solar journey.

"Awaken in us a sense of who we truly are: tiny ephemeral blossoms on the Tree of Life. Make the purpose and destiny of that tree our own purpose and destiny.

"Fill each of us with love for our true Self, which includes all of the creatures and plants and landscapes of the world. Fill us with a powerful urge for the well-being and continual unfolding of this Self.

"May we speak in all human councils on behalf of the animals and plants and landscapes of the Earth.

"May we shine with a pure inner passion that will spread rapidly through these leaden times.

"May we all awaken to our true and only nature — none other than the nature of Gaia, this living planet Earth.

"We call upon the power that sustains the planets in their orbits, that wheels our Milky Way in its 200-million-year spiral, to imbue our personalities and our relationships with harmony, endurance, and joy. Fill us with a sense of immense time so that our brief, flickering lives may truly reflect the work of vast ages past and also the million of years of evolution whose potential lies in our trembling hands.

"O stars, lend us your burning passion.

"O silence, give weight to our voice.

"We ask for the presence of the spirit of Gaia.

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