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an article covering setting meditation space, centering yourself, brain activity during meditation and closing the session

Anchored - Grounding

Trees and humans are held on the earth by the mysterious action of gravity.  This is a 'good thing' as it keeps us within the protective shield of the earth's atmosphere.  And we need that to survive, for we are basically children of the air.  Humans exist through the constant flow of breath in our bodies.  If we floated off into outer space, with no oxygen tank on our backs, we would die.  Yet we are also on a planet held by gravity in our spiralling galaxy, which is part of the unimaginable Universe.  During meditation and ceremony we ensure our firm connection between these two, earth and the cosmos.  We stop physically moving through the atmosphere and become anchored, like a boat in safe harbour, at one place.

To bring this state into conscious awareness we may start by 'grounding' ourselves.  We imagine a thread going from the base of our spines into the earth, through the many layers of the earth, to the centre.  Here the thread anchors us.  Then from the top of our heads we imagine a cord linking us through the many layers of the blue sky above our heads to the centre of the Universe.  Here the thread anchors us.

Monday 19 October 2015 - Loving Kindness Meditation



19 October - 6th Day of Navratri (9 day Hindu Festival):


Saraswati is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning.    She is a part of the trinity of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Parvati.


All three help the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to create, maintain and regenerate-recycle the Universe respectively.


Saraswati, sometimes spelled Sarasvati, is a Sanskrit fusion word of Sara which means essence, and Sva which means oneself,


the full word meaning "essence of one self", and  Saraswati meaning "one who leads to essence of self knowledge"



Loving Kindness Meditation - below is the start of the meditation:


Breath - Sit in a comfortable seated position with a tall spine, your sitting bones rooting down into the Earth. Begin by focusing on your breath, matching the inhales to the length of the exhales. Slowly begin to deepen your breath, expanding all four corners of your torso. Feel each breath nourish and energize the tissues of your body.  Breathe this deep, rich breath for a few moments. On the in breath bring awareness, via the breath, into the heart region.  Exhale silently say to yourself - May I dwell in the open heart.




Monday 30 October 2017 - A meditation for Samhain

For the third and last festival of the annual harvest we used the theme of a Breath of Pure Love meditation and considering the 8 Fruits of the Spirit

(1st harvest (grain) - Lughnasadh, 2nd harvest (fruit) - Autumn Equinox, 3rd harvest (nut) - Samhain)

The beads, representing nuts, symbolic of the qualities of the crop of the Spirit.  We connected the words to each bead, the sets made of random colours and sizes.   Thus in considering stability on this set the colour yellow with a red dot, we might be drawn to remember that Tara is on the land of Caslteboy (boy being the anglicised form of bui, yellow, in Irish).  The red dot reminds us of the Goddess of Sovereignty at Tara, Medb Lethderg (Maeve of the Red Side).  Thus, one could interpret the mesage from this first bead that it is Tara that brings stability to Tara Celebrations.

8 fruits of the spirit


Reconstruction of Body Energy Meditation

Good evening. We are going to do another meditation today. I want you all to sit comfortably and try to relax. To do the meditation, I would like to ask you to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and start feeling your body… relaxing…


It is very important that you become aware of your breathing; how the breath comes in and out of your body. Notice the tension in your body; where is it locked in your body, and how the breath releases it.

Visualize a beautiful white light cascading right above you, down like a shower of light, cascading down on your head, the crown chakra, flowing through your body, washing you in the beautiful, cleansing white light.


With every breath you take, more and more light is flooding your body. Try to increase the depth of each breath you take. Feel your lungs expanding, the collar bones spreading. The air comes down to fill the entire trunk of the rib cage.


As you take each breath, deeper and deeper, notice that the light that’s cascading down through your crown chakra, down to your body, to your toes and out, is actually making you feel lighter, almost tingling with energy. Let all the worries, tiredness, and anxieties flood out with this beautiful, beautiful, brilliant white light. Let them wash away – all concerns or tension flow out, so all you become aware of is your existence in that beautiful light. Feel how the breath is bringing the light more and more deep into your body.


Visualize now a beautiful passage in front of you with a door waiting to be opened by you. It is a special door. It will allow us to step into that beautiful world that is so powerful and embraces All That Is; and yet we often forget about it, too busy doing our own things.


At the entrance near this door imagine, think, or sense someone, something that you trust and that can come along with you on the journey today and help you feel stronger and safer as we go along on the path of self-discovery. If you can’t visualize, just know there’s someone there; an angel, a saint, a relative, or even a friend that will help you feel safe and comfortable.


Now, as we step in, and through that door, we come to a beautiful green pasture. In front of you, there’s a beautiful field with a path going through it. I want you to start following that path while you think about the texture under your feet. Is it smooth, soft, rough, spiky, pebbly? How does it feel walking on that path? As we walk, we enjoy the beautiful sunshine, mountains far away in front of us; birds in the sky. You feel so calm and peaceful as you walk through that beautiful place.


Don’t forget to keep the deep breathing to allow your body to absorb the beautiful light that’s still cascading down on us, following us, going with us, and looking after us.


As we go down that path, notice if it’s a straightforward path or twirly, curly. Is it a path that goes up or down? Do you feel calm? Or perhaps you experience some memories or emotions. Notice these as we go along.


The path comes towards mountains; and though they look very big and forbidding, I would like us to go up to the top of a mountain to see what we can discover. Notice again, what kind of journey it takes to go up. Do you get help? Is it difficult or is it easy? Remember to take deep breaths as you go along the path. As memories come up, or emotions, leave them by and continue walking until we reach the top of the mountain.


Now look around you. Take a deep breath that fills up your whole body with light. Look around and see the beautiful world at your feet. Notice if some areas of this world are darker than others, and put it aside for later to remember; to put more light in it. See how the light and the sunshine show you how beautiful that life is; the freedom that you’ve got in making your choices for that life.


As you stand there on the top of this mountain, on the top of the whole world, with every breath you take, notice that your physical body is no longer needed. It feels as if it’s grown old and you want to change it. The outer layer of the first body represents now the old ideas, the suffering, the pain, and past emotions that might cloud your judgement – those times in your life that bring darkness, and you keep them in your body still; whether as memory, thought or emotions.


Now imagine that your body is like a cloth, like an overall suit. Unbutton it and let it fall off to the ground. Let it dissolve into the void under the mountains, the void that’s around that mountain. Feel how light you have become without it. If it’s difficult to let go, you can visualize anything that can help, maybe scissors cutting off the first layer. Feel yourself younger, more flexible, full of vitality and life, full of promise and hope.

But still, there are some things that were instilled in you by family, culture and society. Things that are still quite dark. As we take a deep breath, we get rid of that layer, too, throwing it away; leaving yourself with even less of the physical layers but with more spirit. Feel your consciousness expanding. Feel yourself becoming stronger and brighter, almost like a body of light, where thoughts no longer matter and your existence in itself is brighter than the sun, showering light and love for miles and miles around you.


If there’s still anything that clings to you which is dark, cut it off or visualize throwing it away so that all is left is that beautiful body of light. You’re aware of this body of light being you; being an individual, unique person. There’s not one like you in the whole world.


Remember to breathe deeply, allowing the light that cascades down to connect with that body of light and fill it up with love; allowing the light to pour out through it, cascading down; feeling it overflowing so much that we’re not letting go of the shape of that body. Visualize it as a new birth of a star; like an explosion that brings out the core of your being; your soul… like a diamond of light spreading even faster and stronger to the universe. There are no shapes left; there is nothing you can claim to be yourself – you are the universe. You are all that is. Only love and light permeates everything and everywhere.


There are no longer mountains around you, no fields; no body, no ego… pure light that spreads across the universe with an amazing, powerful power, permeating every single object or space.


Bask in this bliss. Enjoy this power of being the universe. Feel that unconditional love everywhere around you. Enjoy this beautiful light that is you and is spreading from you.


Now, visualize far away below that light, a planet Earth exists. We’re now going to visualize ourselves as light in space, where we are this star, this diamond of love and light. As we look down into the universe, we see the earth, at the core of which there’s a red star – the star of physical existence. All stars are connected; that of the universe, of love, light – of the spirit; and that of the earth – of the physical existence.


As you breathe, you feel the energy flowing back and forth like a cord between the stars. A cosmic orbit is created. As the energy circulates between the two stars, a new star is forming in the middle. The new star is born around your Dantien point (or Hara, as they say in Yoga’s teaching), a place about 2 inches under your belly button.


Feel that new star that’s being created; the recreated body of you. Now, as the energy continues to circulate between the two stars, and with every breath you take, you see that you’re weaving a new layer of your body. First, around that beautiful core of the new star which is pure love. There’s the auric field, the auric body, and the pure energy, which is slightly denser than the core.


The next level is now created, and that is the body of light. Notice how it takes the shape of a human being, very slowly. With every breath you take, it fills up with light and different vibrations. Notice if there are any special colours for that body, which is you.


As this body of light is created, it is getting covered now with skeleton, muscles, and tissues. Slowly it grows into a human being. And in the silence of the universe, you can hear your own heart beating… reminding you of the connection of the rhythm of the universe; of how the energy flows.


Notice this new, beautiful, shiny body that now has got skin. It is light and powerful, and full of energy. The body steps down onto the mountain again but it feels very light. It can barely walk; it’s more like floating down from the mountain, your feet almost not touching the ground.


You are aware of this and your new existence helps you see around you everything as a shimmering energy. Notice how the mountains breathe in energy. How the leaves and the fields are all in different gradations of energy. It is all like a shimmering rainbow of love. This is how Life truly is. The beautiful bright colours unearth their intensity, touching your senses; allowing you to know much more than your mind can comprehend and conceive.


As we walk down from the mountain, notice that with every step we take, your body becomes slightly heavier, more dense. You become more and more physical, not only in body but in your awareness. But remember this beautiful light and energy, and that cosmic connection that’s still pumping and beating through your body, with your heartbeat, and with the blood running through your veins.


As we come down, we find that there’s a little river going round the mountains. If you wish, those of you who have been unwell health-wise or emotionally, you’re welcome to try to take a little bit of water from the stream and drink it. This is the water of life giving you energy and healing. You remember that you’re a body of light, and you know that you are no longer suffering. It’s only in the mind that creates the thoughts again.


Now, remember being the diamond of love and that you can create the reality of your being just as you created the body a few minutes ago. So we drink the water, those of us who need to and feel how it blesses and washes away all that needs to be let go of. The past, the hurts, anything that you might have carried or held as a way to help someone else, sharing their troubles; taking somebody else’s burdens. Now it’s all gone.


You feel lighter and full of energy. We’re crossing the bridge and there, as we walk towards the field, on the side of the road I want you to notice there is something there for you. A little present from someone you love; a spirit, a friend or an angel, to remind you and give you a message. You will understand what it is for, if you let it settle and bring it to your heart.


As we appreciate and love the present we received, we are going on… down to the fields, back to the door that will lead us back to the reality from which we came.


Thank the angels, the spirits, and anyone who came with you on this journey. We appreciate that we’re always guided and protected at all times whether we’re aware of it or not.


Open the door… and as we exit through the door, we are now back at that passage which is seems lightly dark now, after that beautiful light, sunshine and this amazing world we’ve just been in. Take your time to adjust. Slowly find your way. As you’re going out through the passage, become aware of your senses; of how your hands feel on your lap; how your feet feel on the ground; the weight and tension in your body; your posture. Slowly become aware of the room where you sit. And in your own time, you can open your eyes and come back to reality of the everyday life, remembering the source of light which is you.


Seven Falls Meditation


Good evening. I’m glad you’re sharing this meditation with us today. I hope you had a lovely week. I invite you to go on a meditation that will help us heal and release dis-comforts and dis-eases that we might have accumulated through the last month, maybe years, or even during this week only.


First, please sit comfortably. Take a deep breath. Close your eyes (or imagine your eyes closed, if you are reading this text…) so you can observe inwardly and see the process we’re going to begin now.


Start the meditation by taking a deep breath. Pay attention to your body and your breathing. With every breath you take, please notice where in your body are the ‘knots’ of tension, discomforts, or even heaviness; notice which areas are lighter and relaxed. With each breath you take, feel yourself relaxing deeper and deeper into a state where we’re close to our soul, our highest being. That we see past the ego and the challenges of everyday life… Past the tensions and worries.


With each breath you take, feel the tension seeping out of your forehead; relax your eyeballs, your eyebrows, and eyelids. Feel the tension dissolving down. Relax your jaws and your shoulders. Feel the spine releasing the tension slowly. As if every breath you take you’re pushing the tension away, outwards from your body, from your feet into the earth.


Now, notice in front of you a staircase that goes down. This will take us deeper and deeper into the subconscious mind of your body and your state. Now we can release the tensions on a deeper level. All you need to do is step gradually, slowly. One step at a time, down… until you reach the bottom of the staircase. If you can’t visualize it, just know or remember a staircase that you might have seen before. Just feel and experience the idea of going deep down to the level of your soul; to the level where your mind does not control the body all the time.


As we reach the bottom of the stairs, I want you to notice a something darting just in front of you, at the corner of your eye. Each one of you will have a different one. Some will see animals, some will see a person; some might have a bird or another being, perhaps a butterfly or dragonfly. This is your guide. This being will tell you what you need to learn, what qualities you need to absorb right now. As you see this being moving in front of you, follow it into the dark tunnel that you can see now in front of you.


A little bit like Alice in Wonderland, we step in and as we go forward, behind our beautiful guide; we notice that although it’s perhaps dark and steep down, we have no fear because our guide brings us light and shimmering energy that envelopes us like a cloak. The deeper we go, the stronger the energy grows. All of your auric field starts to shimmer and shine, almost like a translucent iridescent colour.


At the end of this tunnel, we come out at a beautiful place; the most beautiful valley with trees, blue sky and sunshine. Notice the deep breaths you now take, and the energy that flows into your body, as if we are reborn after a long journey.


In front of us, we notice a little river. We follow it as it zigzags in front of us, hiding behind the bend of the trees and the rocks. Hear the sound of the water running down, the twittering of the birds and the gentle rustle of the leaves in the wind. As we follow the river, with the river behind us, we go against its flow. And as we go, all our worries, our troubles, our discomforts are flowing down away from us, dissolving in the water of love and grace.


Now we arrive at a beautiful place. It’s almost like a stage surrounded by trees. There are 7 waterfalls, separated, but all next to each other in a row. Each one is a different colour. It is such a beautiful day; it’s so lovely, warm, and fresh that you can take off the clothes and stand under the first waterfall. Wade into the water gently. As you get closer and closer to the waterfall, you feel the energy start spreading into your body, going from your feet upwards. It is white energy. It takes away anxieties and knots of tension.


Stand under the waterfall. Its colour is white and slightly purplish; a beautiful indigo colour that also has sparkles of other colours in it… almost unearthly colours.


Now, place your head under the water and feel the energy cascading down along with the water, flowing into your crown chakra; washing away every discomfort and unease, anxieties and worries. Feel how it fills your body with this beautiful indigo colour. It almost feels like your body’s empty. Just the shell remains and it is slowly, gradually filled with this beautiful colour.


Feel every organ, every muscle, every tissue; feel them energized with this beautiful colour. Notice which areas are darker and which areas are brighter, which areas soak in more colour than others. As you stand there, full of this beautiful indigo light feeling the energy cascading through your crown chakra, through your whole body, feel how you become much more relaxed than before.


Your mind opens to new possibilities, and perhaps soon ideas will come to you that will take you to a new level of spiritual development. Be open-minded; be open to any ideas that will come your way.


Now, we’re going to move to the next waterfall, just next to it. The water here falls gently; much slower, a little bit like a tickly rain; like a fine rain on your head down on your body. Feel the energy slightly different. Its colour is beautiful turquoise blue. It is tiptoeing around your body; gently touching you. Notice how the sinuses open up; the blood circulation quickens. You feel the energy starts to flood in, the physical energy from your feet upwards and down again in a cosmic orbit. This beautiful turquoise light is filling up your body, very gently. You almost do not sense, do not feel the physical impact of that energy. It is there working on you nevertheless.


Notice which areas of your body are tighten up, absorbing more energy, or perhaps even resisting it. These are the areas where you locked up emotions that are waiting to be released. Let that energy tap into that; gentle tapping, to awaken the secret doors to release these emotions. It might be that some of it starts to bleed with a darker colour into the water of the river, flowing away from you, while new energy, beautiful energy washes away the blockages, washes away the knots of anxiety, the fears, and the angers.


Feel how your liver is expanding, opening to this beautiful energy. Feel your throat responding to that, and the thymus. The energy reminds you to always speak what you need to say. Express yourself freely. No one has the power to stop you or to belittle you. You are very special. You use your skills to the best, to the outmost benefit. You are loved and appreciated by all people. You love and appreciate yourself.


Continue with the breathing. Take deep breaths that will allow the trunks of your lungs to fill up with air, with energy. Your breathing comes not only into the chest but through your tummy, bringing in more and more of that beautiful turquoise energy.


We are now shifting to the next waterfall, right next to it. It’s got a beautiful green colour. The energy feels so gentle it’s almost like silk, falling in gentle folds on your body. It may feel as warmth permeating your body. The energy is much slower and denser. It is physical warmth that fills your body. As you take a breath, it expands your heart to the fullest. Visualize your heart as a big mug and this beautiful green energy overflowing it to the brim and cascading down, washing away all the unforgiveness, the anger, the sensitivity to the negativity of others.


Feel the energy filling up your body. Feel it behind your eyes, a loving presence in your shoulders; beautiful support and energy at your elbows. You’re almost enveloped like a cocoon in love… perfect love. Love with no regrets, no conditions, just pure love.


Take a deep breath and feel this love circulating within you and without you. Feel that you’re absorbing this love until almost your consciousness remains but not the body. It almost dissolves in that love. We’re now going to move to the next waterfall. If needed, feel that this green energy continuers to fall within you, and circle and cascade in and around you as we shift to the next colour, the next waterfall.


The next waterfall is an orange one. It is much faster, physically faster, almost like standing under the rain. Big, long drops cascading down, enveloping us in a shower of orange, invigorating us, bringing us to a full awareness of the body.


Notice which organs in your body seem to be darker than the others. Pour that orange energy into them. Allow them to be washed and cleansed, sanctified and enveloped in the beautiful energy, orange energy, of the living being.


Whenever you encounter resistance in the body, just love it. Pour that beautiful orange light at it and around it, leaving that area soaking in this beautiful light. Some of you may become aware of a special smell in the air around that energy. These are the herbs that can help you and they’re brought by the sprits, the guides, and the angels. I can smell cinnamon and orange blossom… all flowing in through your body, releasing all that is no longer needed, releasing stubbornness and resistance.


Become aware of your toes, of your feet, of how you are grounded on the stones and the little pebbles at the bottom of the river. Become aware of how the water touches your feet, at what level. Notice your knees, how flexible they feel, how supportive they are, how they hold your weight and protect you. Feel your spine elongating, reaching upwards towards the sky, making you feel lighter, full of energy, buzzing…


Now we are moving to the next waterfall. This time the energy is red. It is a heavy dark energy that feels like a hot sun pouring over, filling your body; filling you with nice warmth and heaviness. It’s a cleansing sun, a cleansing energy. It may feel heavy and tiring, but let it fill you all up. Feel how the body becomes heavy, allowing your spirit to soar higher; allowing yourself to remember that the body is the vehicle that carries your soul, which is actually much bigger than the body and everything else. This vehicle needs to be looked after.


As we are full to the brim with this beautiful, red, heavy light, we’ll open the little plug at the bottom of our feet and the sand will slowly go down. As it goes down, it takes away anything dirty or difficult; anything that was resisting; anything that was bringing discomfort or unease to the body. Any persistent thoughts or emotions all go out. With every breath you take, feel that you’re pushing the air deeper and deeper along with the sound on its way out from your body. Feel the cleansing that your body underwent.


We’re now shifting to the last waterfall, or almost the last. This waterfall is a black. It is so black that it has got all the colours of the rainbow within it; so intense that we cannot see it. Just like you see black in your eyes by looking straight at the sun. Focus on this black. Allow it to surround you. It is the energy that goes out from us. It’s not a dark black; it’s the black of the universe, full of life and colours; the energy that we release from us outwards, what we give out to the universe, to our body, to those around you.


Think, what colour would you like to add to that? What would you like to give out more? What colour do you give out? Notice what seem to sparkle most around you. Think about the colour you would like to add and allow it to go forward. Allow the different energies we went through before to coalesce in your body, releasing rainbows of colours, shapes, stars, and forms, creating a whole universe around you. Notice how it feels as if you are the centre of the universe.


Continue to breathe deeply and enjoy that sense of neutrality, that sense of beautiful lightness. No weight, no worries, just Being. It is very important to just Be from time to time. Not just doing, but also Being.


As you’re there on the centre of that universe, think about your guide and what it brings you. If you saw a dragonfly, perhaps it’s an invitation to discover the mysterious aspects of your life; things that are above the ordinary that you have been ignoring. Perhaps your intuition, your gut feelings, or simply emotions. Perhaps you’ve been too worried and negative, and have forgotten to see the beautiful, new, positive things in life.


If you’ve seen a butterfly, perhaps it is a matter of transformation. Perhaps you are undergoing a change. If you’ve seen a rabbit, perhaps it is time to face your fears and release them. Rabbits attract those who attack them by showing their fear and sending signals of fear and being victim. Notice, what does it mean what you saw? What are the symbols that have been brought to you?


Now we’re going to move to the last waterfall; it is a beautiful white colour. But not just white; it’s got sparkles. It’s the precise opposite of the black of the universe. That is everything all together. It is light and darkness together, beautiful, shiny, sparkly white; blinding white that envelops you and lifts you even higher than before.


If before we were at the centre of the universe, we’re now at the centre of the God of the universe; in the core of the being where we dissolve and become one with everything else. Feel love and compassion glowing through that universe. Feel how it energizes you. Remember that feeling, so you can take it with you for the whole week, until our next meditation.


Float in that feeling… absorb all these beautiful colours; the lightness of spirit and body; the completeness and knowledge of your purpose and reason for being where you are in life…


With the next breath, slowly, slowly come out of that waterfall. Wade out back into the river. There will be a beautiful white garment waiting for you, with a symbol just for you, to remember and use in the near future.


We go back on the path. Instead of the dark tunnel, we see a wooden door. As we open that door, we go back to the staircase; very slowly, it takes us up to the last level of the staircase.


In your own time, notice your breathing, the deep breathing you’ve got slowing down by half. Become aware of your body in its sitting position. Become aware of your environment and gradually, in your own time, open your eyes.



Heaven on Earth

Hold a crystal during this meditation...


Our Heaven is a unique experience to each one of us. It is often described as Shangrala, Nirvana, Utopia, the happy hunting grounds, paradise. All cultural and religious descriptions of a similar place. Many assert that heaven cannot be found on Earth. It is something outside of ourselves, or only obtainable after death. Yet many believe it is found within us - in our hearts and minds, in our attitudes and perceptions..


The Golden Rule of 'loving others as you would have them love you' suggests an inward expression may create an outward reality. It you love others, they will love you. A very pleasant state to be in. When we have found the heaven within, this loving place, through contemplation, meditation and dreaming, then the world will mirror this 'heaven' back to us. For those that believe in re-incarnation they would say that we come to Earth from heaven. On earth part of our life purpose is to rediscover that heaven, remember the heaven we came from and bring it to Earth.


So if you had a choice of being in heaven now how would you visualise that? When we are on holiday we often send a postcards saying – Wish you were here... we talk about a holiday heaven - what would that be like... perhaps your heaven is linked to a place, people you are with, perhaps there are sights, smells, sounds, feelings that inspire your heaven? This is what our meditation is about.


Sitting on your chair, relax, imagine that in front of you is a veil or mist. It is a haze through which you can discern shapes but you cannot see them clearly. They start to fascinate you. You rise from the chair, step forward and walk through the mist, veil, between heaven and earth.


Around you everything is colourful, bright, this is a beautiful place. You look around. This place is familiar, you feel comfortable and a smile spreads across your face. You feel your shoulders relax, your feet firmly on the ground. You feel good. You see the most pleasant landscape.


Enjoyable scents fill the air. They remind you of lovely experiences in your life. Of times when you were happy. Breath those wonderful scents in now.


Listen. You can hear gentle calming sounds. You hear the voice and song of the landscape you are in. You might like to join in quietly, or just listen.


You are inspired by this beautiful place. Take some time now to explore and enjoy it. Imagine strolling along a pathway. You are in a delightful place and you feel great joy, happiness and contentment. Your heart is glad and your mind relaxed.


We will be quiet now and each enjoy being in our own Heaven. Remember to look around you, use your ears to listen, your nose to sense the aromas, and smile. When it is time to return you will hear my voice welcoming you back into the room.


It is time to bring Heaven to Earth now. Slowly withdraw your attention from the place you have been in. Ahead of you is the haze, the mist, the veil through which you can discern a chair. It is the chair you are sitting on. Move through the mist now, and become aware of the sitting on the chair. You can feel your feet on the floor, your bum on the seat and your back resting against the chair back.


Our goal is to live in heaven on earth – keep in mind what you have visualised. Breathe your heaven into the crystal, grounding your thoughts. Crystals and stones hold memory. This will hold the memory of your meditation of heaven.


Light a nightlight that your wishes may be manifested perfectly. Blank centre – light candle at end from other candles.


Healing the Red Thread

This Healing Circle offers the opportunity for the group to utilise their combined powerful personal energies with universal unconditional love. Tonight is Hallowe'en - All-Hallows-Even (evening) - a time to appreciate our ancestors, honour and treasure their lives as part of our heritage. We do not judge or reject their life experiences and our family patterns. However, we transform any that are carried by the red thread of life that do not serve us.


Imagine a cobweb, made of red threads. But this cobweb is traumatised, torn and damaged. It carries the issues or problems that were not dealt with by our ancestors, or not fully resolved, such as deceit, bribery, revenge, violence and all forms of disrespect. There are so many ways in which human hurts human. Each pain of mind, body, emotion or spirit is a tear of the web.


From the Bible - Jeremiah - The fathers have eaten a sour grape, and the children's teeth are set on edge.


Ancestral energies, which served their life purpose, can be carried on linear time from the past into our own lives and into those of our descendants. Sometimes these energies can cause obstacles and imbalances in the pathways of the future.We now take the opportunity, at this special time of year, to express our love, compassion and gratitude, and bless our ancestors for whatever they may have done, thought, said, felt or experienced. Energy is never lost, but it can be transformed. Our intention now is to recognise anything that needs to be healed in our ancestral lineage, in order that we may experience joy, love, abundance, health, happiness, strength, support, beauty, calm, freedom and humour in our own lives. We send thanks and acknowledgement to our ancestors across the web of time.


broken web

They laughed and they cried,

They walked the land with pride.

They were gentle, they were kind,

They were much maligned.

They were joyous, full of fun,

Yet they carried sword and gun.

They were beaten, they were hurt,

Kicked underfoot like dirt.

They were cruel, they were tough!


web complete


Looking in the Mirror

At the Christmas 2009 Meditation we looked into the face of Baby Jesus and saw ourselves, connecting to our own Inner Child.

On Christmas day this verse was shared with me - you may like to use this as a meditation.


When you get what you want in your struggle for self, And the world makes you King for a day,

Just go to the mirror and look at yourself, and see what that face has to say.

For it isn't your father, or mother or wife, Who judgement upon you must pass,

The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back from the glass.

Some people may think you a straight shooting chum And call you a wonderful guy,

But the man in the glass says your only a bum If you can't look him straight in the eye.

He's the fellow to please, never mind all the rest,For he's with you right up to the end,

And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test,  If the man in the glass is your friend.

You may fool the whole world down the pathway of life, And get pats on your back as you pass,

But your final reward will be heartache and tears, If you've cheated the man in the glass.


An Evening in the Woodland

Seven steps left, pause, seven steps right, change, seven steps repeated, the rhythm builds, someone sways... we break the growing energy and move forward, touching the tree in the centre of our circle.  We are dancing for a departed one, the funeral is tomorrow.  He was a big man, who led circle dances.  We pay homage to him now in a woodland he knew well.  The moment of opportunity had arrived for him.  He held a vision, a project for fulfilment, the culmination of his path.  And he was diagnosed with cancer.  His life and plans slipped from his grasp and two years later he is dead.  In these times of change a message... if you have a dream, wake up, don't procrastinate, do it.

We are at our Monday night meditation with blue skies and sun dipping into the west.  To alter our state of consciousness we tell our neural pathways to behave unexpectedly.  We ignore learnt behaviour and walk in a circle, placing our feet on the ground, toe heel, toe heel, rather than the western way of heel toe.  At the edge of the woodland we share lavender from the Burren.  The scent, touch, sight, awakens our senses, our awareness of our meditation walk.  In day to day life we tend to walk in a haze of detachment from our surroundings - 'have i got change for the car park?', 'shall we have beans on toast tonight?'.  So in this meditation we become totally aware of everything around us.  There are many energies and beings, seen and unseen, in the wood.  Sunlight dapples the tree trunks, dead leaves scrunch under foot, the path is muddy here and dry there, the roar of the waterfall from the lake outlet echoes amongst the branches, and a pigeon calls.

Along the path are many broken sticks and twigs and, those we feel called to, we pick up.  Tying ribbons onto them we silently express our prayers and intentions.  We plant the sticks in hidden places where they will decay, be nurtured in the compost of the woodland floor and our wishes are released to the universe.

We rejoin and sit drinking tea under the stars.  It is dark by nine now and next week will be our last meditation outside.  We shall thank the woodland for its support, say goodbye to the mosquitoes, have a last fire under darkening skies, and look forward to the winter cocoon of the Oratory room.

Crane Labyrinth Dance

Heron, Lugh, Tara, Labyrinth - As we climbed over the rocks to Port beach at Lughnasadh 2009, to the north, a heron flew from the land and over the strand.  The heron (aka crane in Ireland) is a sacred bird and it used to be taboo to eat it's flesh.  The skin would be made into a crane bag by Druids and shaman.  In this they carried their spirit objects and treasures. One legend is that Mannanan (we were looking towards his land - the Isle of Man) had a favourite crane and when it died he made the skin into a bag.  This bag was passed through the generations, including Lugh Long Arm.  It passed to Conaire -  'Comely Conaire slept on the side of Tara of the plains : when the cunning well-made man awoke, the Crane-bag was found about his neck.'  The crane dance is known in China, Siberia and Greece and also by the Druids.  It is a circling dance imitating the crane's movements, and is in a labyrinth pattern, representing the journey of the soul.  The connection from Port Beach labyrinth is thus made to An Tobar where the Monday meditations are held.  For at An Tobar cranes nest above the lake and there is a labyrinth.  With this knowledge we did the following meditation at An Tobar.

Crane Meditation Stance - discover where north, south, east and west are. using the attributes of east - new beginnings, south - bringing energy for expansion and growth, west - finishing a project/activity, north - resting and preparing for rebirth, decide which of these you want to bring into your life.  face that direction.  tuck your left foot behind your right knee. Your are now standing on one leg. extend your dominant arm, ie if right handed right arm, in front of you. extend your other arm sideways at right angles to this. you have created a right angled triangle with your body at the angle. be aware that your body is linking 'as above, so below', sky and earth.  using your dominant arm draw to you the energies of the direction you have chosen, bringing your extended arm, palm upwards, to your heart area.

Crane Dance - you are taking the energy you have drawn to you and are going to 'fly' with it.  In whatever pattern you have decided on, take 9 steps then leap as if you ae a crane taking off.  continue this to the centre of your pattern/labyrinth. at the centre realise with doing these steps you have broken barriers, just done something maybe that looked silly and unhuman, this has created cracks in your normal mode of being/thinking. in doing this you allow new realisations to form and it enhances the energy you are working with by making available space for new possibilities. take a moment at the centre just to refocus on what you want to bring into your life.  now retrace your steps allowing your thoughts to wander, being open to whatever comes to you, as you walk in meditation back into the space you started from.

You now return to the meditation stance and using your dominant arm send out your intentions to the universe, moving the arm from the heart outwards with the palm forwards.

Balance Walk Meditation

spring equinox symbol123

Middle age
Mature age
Ideas - mental realms
Health - physical realms
Dreams - emotional realms
Mystical - spiritual realms

This symbol was created by placing a stylised Brigid’s Cross within a circle. Achieved is the balanced figure of the square within the circle, the two linked together by four lines.


Circle- spiritual - feminine qualities


Square - physical - masculine qualities

Flying bird - rise high and view from above
Basking cat - enjoy the heat
Swimming fish - go in the flow
Walking animal - stay close to ground
Young tree
Mature tree
Dependence, impulse
Breaking free, development
Independence , mature reasoning
Ambiguity, complexity
Identify need
Give attention to need
Hold commitment to need
Receive reward for work well done
Initiate, start, Insight, resourcefulness, spring
Experiment, expand, development, summer
Maturity wisdom experience, autumn
Deep inner reflection, thinking, ending, withdraw, retreat, regroup winter

Walk sideways around the outer circle, facing inwards and leading with left foot. When ready balance the walk (life) and take one of the 4 lines to the square.When you reach the square continue facing inwards but lead with the right foot. When ready leave the square along the same linking path to the circle. Now walk around the circle facing the line, walking normally, left foot then right foot. Walk the circle until you feel balance in both feet and sides of body. The line chosen between circle and square subconsciously may provide suggestions to helping achieve balance in life, as each line represents certain qualities.At Tara a symbol of earth, air, fire or water was placed on each line.These are, of course, linked to the qualities of the direction in which the line lies.


An Tobar - Meditation at a well

(For non-Irish speakers - An Tobar is Irish for 'the well')

 Energy of earth breath – counting 7 in – 7 hold – 7 out .... Body relaxation…

It is a warm sunny summer day. You are walking to a healing well to get refreshment. You are carrying an empty bowl. The path is pleasantly worn and you know the way. Enjoy your stroll through the lush hilly landscape. It is sometimes strenuous and in other places an easy walk. In the distance you see a fine wooden bridge. It spans a small stream, gurgling and bubbling, with hazel trees at the edge and fish swimming in the clear crystal water. You stop and rest. Take a drink from the cool water. Now walk over the bridge and follow the path beside the stream in the beautiful summer sun. Just ahead of you is a high cliff. At the base of the cliff, on the left side of the stream you see the well, the water running into a round stone bowl. At the well is a woman filling her jug. She greets you with a soft smile. She gently says – we have been expecting you. A man sits nearby and he looks up and smiles in acknowledgement. The man indicates you are to walk around the well, and you walk three times, sunwise. You notice how beautifully the well is decorated with flowers, branches, leaves and shells. There is a silver chalice resting on a rock beside the cool healing water. You sit beside the well and place your empty bowl on the ground. You feel that you wish to talk to the woman, or to the man or to pick up the silver chalice and dip it into the well and drink the water. As you do this be aware of any message, vision, gift, healing, anything that comes to you as you commune with the well and its guardians. Or you simply continue with the earth breath of counting 7 in, hold for 7 and 7 out... 

Looking into the well you take a personal item that you carry, maybe a ring, a coin or a lock of hair, and toss it gently into the deep water. As you do so you thank the divine presence of the well. When you are done you pick up your empty bowl, now containing water, and turn from the well. You notice that the woman, man and chalice are gone. You start to walk back along the path. Beside the stream and over the bridge.

Retracing your steps you become aware of your physical feet. You feel your feet and legs now and you are starting to become aware of things around you. You can feel your physical body and are aware of your own breathing. Your arms are feeling heavy and you can move them around if you want. Wiggle your fingers and stretch. You feel the floor beneath you and are aware of the room in which you sit. When you are ready you can open your eyes.


Tree meditations


Imagine you are walking on a sunny day along a path. This rises gently up a hillside. The sides of the path are hedged with white flowering hawthorns. You relish the sight of these, looking at the beauty of each of the tender blossoms.Ahead, on the hill's crest, you can see a grove of beech trees, crow's nests in the top branches, dark yew and evergreens amongst the columns of tree trunks. Strolling, you enjoy the unfolding view to the trees and across the surrounding countryside.Now, approaching the top of the path you see a metal gate. With a gently push you swing it open and step onto the gravel path leading to the beech grove. The only sounds are from the stones scrunching under your feet and the breeze running through the leafy branches.Amongst the trees you glimpse a bright white quartz structure. Parts appear as clear as glass. You feel drawn to walk the zig zag gully into the centre of this house of crystal.Here you find an ancient mound. And on top there stands an elder beech tree. It is bright in the reflected light from the quartz, the leaves vibrant, the trunk strong, and the branches supple.A glow from the entrance to the mound looks inviting. You step forward, pass between the entrance stones and into the passageway of the mound. There is a gently sloping spiral staircase, turning to the right. A red and white rope attached to the wall of the stairwell by hooks provides an anchor, and you slowly descend the steps. You realise that the way is lit by a gleaming suffuse light, earthlight.You notice the twisting roots of the beech tree in the earthen walls. You continue the descent.Now you come to an archway. Hanging from the centre is an oil lamp, the flame burning brightly welcoming you. You step through the archway.You are within a cave made of solid rock which shines with hundreds of stars. So bright, yet so diffuse, it looks like the Milky Way on a clear summer's night. You are aware this is an ancient place, where harmony, compassion, peace and wisdom reside. A sweetness flows from these densest layers of earth and rock.You can just discern in a darker recess of the cave the form of a cloaked figure who appears to be spinning. You realise that the thread from the spindle takes the form of roots that disappear up through the roof of the cave.In the centre of the cave is what appears to be a well. It has a cover of green stone with a handle. Intrigued you take hold of the handle and pull. The green stone lifts easily and you look into the well of wisdom.…When you are ready you return through the archway, up the stairway, holding onto the red and white rope, along the passageway and out through the entrance stones.Back in the grove of beech trees you are aware of the solid ground under your feet and you walk back down the gravel path, through the metal gate and off the hillside.


Imagine you are walking on a sunny day along a path. This rises gently up a hillside. The sides of the path are hedged with white flowering hawthorns. You relish the sight of these, looking at the beauty of each of the tender blossoms.Ahead, on the hill’s crest, you can see only grassy hillocks and ditches. Strolling, you enjoy the unfolding view across the surrounding countryside.Now, approaching the top of the path you see a metal gate. With a gentle push you swing it open and step onto the grassy pasture. The only sounds are from your heart and lungs as you breathe in the refreshing gentle westerly breeze. Heading towards the ridge of the hillside you walk beside rabbit burrows, fresh earth scrapped into flattened heaps. There are lumps of unknown rock cropping through the grass.Reaching the crest of the banks and ditches you look over the nearby hillsides at woods and plantations. One, in the west, looks more inviting than the rest and you walk down the sloping embankment towards it.There are many different forms of tree here; tall slender trunks, deeply fluted rough bark, some sleek smooth columns like Italian marble. A mixed collection of trees, even fruit trees. Some of the trees have been pruned and coppiced, their energy contained and controlled, whilst others are untrimmed, uncut and fully express their energy in exuberant growth. Straight smooth trunks, clear of side branches, stand amongst others who have their branches arching low, almost touching the ground.In amongst the trees there are signs of rabbits and squirrels, where they have chewed the bark at the bottom of trees. Pheasants and deer are here as well. You look around. Perhaps if you stay quiet for a while you will see some of the life of the woodland.

Amongst the trees you glimpse a bright white quartz structure. Parts appear as clear as glass. You feel drawn to walk the zig zag gully into the centre of this house of crystal. Here you find an ancient mound. And on top there stands a tall ancient tree. It is bright in the reflected light from the quartz, the leaves vibrant, the trunk strong, and the branches supple. As you gaze at the tree you feel drawn to go to it. You look down to where the trunk emerges from the soil. And around the base of the tree the earth is disturbed. What grows there? You look more closely at the tree trunk. The pattern of its bark and the colour.As you become familiar with the tree you gain a feeling for how it has grown, how it has fared amongst the other trees. The tree trunk carries its own character in its size and shape. The longer you are aware of the trunk the more you become familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of this tree.You feel so comfortable in the tree’s presence that you sit and face it. You may stay like this for some time or relax, leaning your back against the trunk, trusting in the tree’s body for sturdiness and support.Slowly you become aware again of being in the mixed woodland. You are conscious of the solid ground under your feet and you walk back down the grassy hillside, through the metal gate and into the world.


Imagine you are walking on a sunny day along a lane. This rises gently up a hillside. The banks of the path are hedged with hawthorns, with twisted aged trunks and white flowering branches.Ahead, on the hill’s crest, you can see a grove of beech trees, crow’s nests in the top branches, dark yew and evergreens amongst the columns of tree trunks. Strolling, you enjoy the unfolding view to the trees and across the surrounding countryside.Now, approaching the top of the path you are at a metal gate. With a gentle push you swing it open and step onto grassland, walking westwards across the expanding hill, over ditches and hillocks. Now the path leads southwards, still climbing pastureland, sheep casually grazing close by.The ground rises steeply and you are suddenly standing at the top of the climb with a clear view to all the surrounding countryside and distant horizon. Nearby a large rounded mound attracts your attention and you feel drawn to walk around it. On the hidden side you find an entrance way. Two tall stones, with artwork on them, support a heavy wedge shaped stone. Between is an earthen passageway. You step into the corridor and find it is lit by bright white quartz crystal walls. Parts appear as clear as glass. The route winds downwards, turning to the right. Gradually the crystal walls darken to soil colour, and yet they continue to glow and light your route. You notice twisting roots in the earthen walls. You continue the descent.Now you come to an archway. Hanging from the centre is an oil lamp, the flame burning brightly welcoming you. You step through the archway. You are within a cave made of solid rock which shines with hundreds of stars.In the centre of the cave is a shaft formed of water. It looks so refreshing that you step towards it and sense the spray touch and cleanse you face. Now you put a hand into the upsurge. It tingles and feels good. You walk into the shaft of water and feel tenderly lifted off your feet and lightly raised upwards. It is like being in a shower in reverse, the water from beneath instead of above.You are carried upwards into what seems to be the middle of a bush. A wide strong log to one side provides a stepping stone and you walk out into what you realise are the top branches of a huge tree. One branch offers a comfortable seat and you settle to enjoy the sunshine and life in the leafy throng at the top of the tree.… When you are ready you return by jumping off the branch, for it is only a few feet off the ground, and land safely onto the top of the large rounded mound. The sides are gentle and you walk down them, back over the grassy pasture, through the metal gate and off the hillside.

Movement Meditation

The aim of this meditation is to achieve energy awareness of self on earth


The Universe is infinite and we are in unity with it. The earth we live on is apparently still, yet moves through the Universe at 66,000 miles an hour. The mystery of how each one of us survives this journey through the Universe is something marvellous. One opportunity in being here is for you to appreciate and enjoy it and facilitate the enjoyment of those around you. This brings peace of mind and you get optimum value from each and every moment.

Breath  - Aim is to breathe with the natural movement of the diaphragm. Tension in the diaphragm pushes energy into upper part of body, mainly chest and head. Our breathing should just be a flow of air that keeps us alive, but it helps to experience different methods.Breathe smoothly and do not hold between breaths – slow breathing down – breathe silently - flatten belly on outbreath (focus on this) – belly will swell on inbreath automatically.

Relaxation of body - Aim is to relax muscles, soft tissue and ligaments that hold your structural bones together. Scan body and become aware of where you are holding tension and stress. Place your attention to different areas of the body, these are the major nerve distribution places.Back of neck – say ‘back of neck re-lax’, wait for a moment and you will feel it ‘soften’... Shoulders – drop – ‘shoulders re-lax’... Centre of chest – say ‘chest re-lax’... Buttocks – unclench – let them spread – ‘buttocks re-lax’... Hips and pelvis – say ‘hips and pelvis re-lax’... Face – relax into no expression... Centre of forehead – say ‘centre of forehead re-lax’... Once you have used this list a few times you will find that by taking one of these key points the relaxation will gently spread to the rest of body naturally.

Expanding physical space - Aim is to adjust posture thus adjusting mood, provide more energy and give organs more room... Elongate spinal column - remember, we are two legged beings who stand upright -   sink to the ground – stop fighting gravity   -  imagine crown of head being pulled up towards the sky by a silver thread – extension felt particularly in back of neck... Broaden shoulders – imagine them dropped and broadened... Broaden hips – imagine them widened

Everything is of the source and everything contains the generative force, the underlying energy of existence. Creation is the expression of the eternal flowing movement of this force, between the situations of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’. When your energy is flowing freely and balanced, your four basic selves,  emotions, mind, body and spirit, are in unity. When the mind decides to move in a direction, the body sets into motion in that direction and spirit supports the action. This benefits all of your life experience. 

Walking Meditation

One of the aims of meditation is to focus the mind. Breathing is often used to achieve this. Walking is another technique. We usually walk around with our minds absorbed on everything except the actual walking movements. Focussing on these brings clarity, balance, relaxation and being in the present. Remind yourself that your feet support your body and the surface under you supports your feet.  Just be aware of the support available to you.

One hand position for walking practice is - with the dominant hand, gently hold the thumb of the non-dominant hand. Allow the fingers of the non-dominant hand to fall across the clasped fingers of the dominant hand.

Look down and anticipate where you are going to put your foot…

As you place one foot in front of the other, allow yourself to become aware of the whole mechanism of your walking - the way the weight transfers around your body as you take the step, the pressure on different parts of your feet on the ground, the movement of the muscles and bones.

Be aware of the space where you connect between your foot and the ground…

Inhale left foot forward, exhale right foot forward – change this and experience the difference.

Put the ball of foot down, then the heel.

Connecting to the elements of fire, air, water and earth whilst walking   -  Lifting – fire (makes things lighter so they rise)   -  moving forward – air (motion and movement characterise air)   -  putting down – water (gravity pulls your whole body downwards)   -  touching the ground – earth (hardness or softness of the foot as it touches the ground)

Arm movement whilst walking - Raise arms over head – palms facing down – turn palms to face upwards – lower arms ‘I am balanced between earth and heaven’.

Awareness stages whilst walking – Enjoy in joy – five senses fully open - fully aware of body - fully aware of immediate surroundings - fully aware of space all around you to the horizon - fully aware of the your space in the Universe.

Roots Meditation

To begin, settle into a comfortable meditative position. Calm your body and your mind by focusing on your breath, gradually lengthening the inhales and exhales.


Focus on the base of your spine, and imagine roots extending from this base, deep into the earth.


Allow the image to fill out as a single root branches into many.


Appreciate the complexity of your roots, the vastness of the network tethering you to, and making you one, with the Earth.


Imagine your roots intertwining with everyone else. You can distinguish your own roots from those of other people and even your own relatives. But you recognise that you are supporting and being supported by their presence near to you.


Set the intention to receive via your roots the information that is correct and good for you at this time, then allow the experience to unfold.


Maintain gentle awareness of the root network, and allow any thoughts and sensations to arise. You might see images, hear words, have thoughts pop into your head, seemingly out of nowhere. Allow the information to flow into you.


Take three deep breaths.


Sit for a moment in peace. Reconnect to your roots, and know that you are whole, complete and revitalised.


Give thanks as feels appropriate to you, and return your awareness to the here and now.

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