On going additions - focussed on legends and myths of Ireland

These wonderful stories, interweaving fact and fiction, creating mysteries to enchant our lives, inspire us, taking us into 'no time' realms


Well of Wisdom & Salmon of Knowledge  - June 2013



Connecting with the otherworldly waters of the Well of Segais (Well of Wisdom) and the Salmon of Knowledge we create a sacred well in our mind's inner landscapes.


Visualise a green mound decked with 9 ancient trees


From it's side flows water which spreads outward into a circular pool.

This is a place where life emerges from the earth.

 .centre for jack and jill meditation


In the water swim sacred salmon seeking the hazel nuts of wisdom. You connect and acknowledge the Goddess Brigid in whose land this well flows - Bright Brighid, Daughter of the Dagda, Flame of Inspiration, maker of metal, maker of good health, maker of song, triple-blessed -


O shining light of the hearth, we ask you to alight in our hearts, that we may give praise to all beings of the earth.


Imagine being at the well, and look into the waters. In the depths flow the waters of wisdom. Sacred waters, which also flow within us all.  Sunlight, moonlight and starlight shine into the well and invigorate the waters. You may be aware of the ancestors, of gods and goddesses, nature spirits, all who provide you with sustenance and guidance.


You feel in a pocket of your clothes and find there a suitable gift for these guides and guardians. It may be something familiar to you or something you did not know you carried, or you may not know what it is. Whatever you do or do not find in your pocket, you imagine placing it, or just the intention to give a gift, beside the well.


For a short while sit by the well, watching the movement of the water. You might feel a coolness around the well, or a magical warmth, as airy breezes dance in the nearby trees.


You might see bubbles rising to the surface. You might sight the gleam of light on water, a flash of beauty which gives a moment of enlightenment or a glimpse of the otherworld.  There may be the sound of water seeping through the ground and dripping onto rocks and stones. Be quiet and listen.


Flowering plants at the edge of the well may give off a beautiful scent. This holy well is a healing well, and you may dip your cupped hands into the water and taste this gift from the earth.  Wisdom is knowledge about life and the world that enables us to live life fully; that is, to make the best possible choices in our particular circumstances.


If you so wish, you may now meet with one of the ancient salmon who swim there. Have an intention to be in communion with the salmon. You can ask for insight into a problem or for a deepening of your general understanding of life and the world. If it is feels right ask permission of the salmon to take one of the hazel nuts which fall from the 9 ancient trees growing beside the well. You may hold this hazelnut in the palms of your hands while meditating or eat it.   You now have the opportunity to sit at the well, listen, watch, feel, taste and smell the natural world around you. Time to return from the well. Thank and bless all connections.


Bee Legends - 29 July 2013
gobnaits bee drawing

Bhramari - Humming Bee Breath

effective for relaxation of body and mind – reducing stress. Keep mouth shut. Start breathing through both nostrils, not forced, in a rhythmn that feels comfortable. Bring attention to inhale. Start sound while you exhale. Hum / ohm. 4 counts inhale 6 exhale - practiced for about 5 minutes. Cover your ears with your thumbs and your eyes with your fingers, or fingers on jaw.


Imagine you are going for a country walk – it is either daytime with a warm sun overhead or your path is lit by a large full moon. It is bright enough to see without a torch. You are invigorated by being out in nature. You feel happy and enjoying this adventure. All your senses are awake as you see the sacred land around you, hear the distant splashes as a stream tumbles over rocks, smell the fresh air, feel the touch of a gentle breeze,


There is a rustle to your left and a friendly cow looks at you from behind a large leafy bush. You smile and say hello. The cow returns to her eating and you walk on along your path.


Ahead you now see an orchard, full of sweet white blossoms. Their fragrance reaches your nostrils and you take gentle breaths enjoying the beautiful air. The scent fills your body. You look at the flowers and understand why the bees are drawn to find their sweet nectar within. You feel that you are being welcomed into the orchard by the birds and bees, whose voices you hear.


You are drawn to a particular tree, and greet it as you would an old friend. In one flower you see a dewdrop of nectar and gently lick it. The taste is wonderful.


Within the orchard is a clear space in which a comfortable chair invites you to rest a while. You might like to sit on the chair, on a log lying on the ground or sit on a soft grassy area nearby.


As you settle you know you are in a sacred grove, amongst ancient apple trees that have existed here for eternity. So many have been here before to drink of the sacred presence of the land, and now it is your turn.


When it is time to return you will hear my voice again and music.  Time to start the walk back. You bless and thank the orchard and any connections you have made whilst there.


You walk out of the orchard, and become aware of the soft ground under your feet, the movement of your body, your legs, back, arms and head. You feel an inner calm. And now you are back in the room, sitting on your chair, fully aware of everything around you.


Music -   Summertime - Louis Armstrong / Ella Fitzgerald,  Harvest Moon - Neil Young,  Come By the Hills - Loreena McKennitt,  The Summer Knows - Barbra Streisand.


Imbolc :  Looking through the window with Brigid - 3 February 2014




Legendary birthplace -

Faughart in Louth 454AD



Legendary deathplace -

Kildare 525AD


rainbow lights


The legend goes that Brigid had been walking out in the rain and her cloak was soaked.  She hung it on a sunbeam to dry.  Being so wet, water was probably cascading from the cloth.  Yet the sun was out and the water droplets would have sparkled and dripped rainbows like sun catcher crystals.

Imagine you are sitting in the cosy whitewashed home where Brigid was born, warmed by gentle flames of a fire in the hearth, the heart of the house. On the wall hangs a modest picture of a graceful woman in long white muslin dress emerging out of the ripples of a woodland stream. On the bank beside her stands a man, upright, supportive, guardian while she steps lightly in the water. You rise from your chair and walk over the soft earthen floor to a small window.  The floor is strewn with dried lavender flowers, releasing their scent as your feet touch them.  You lift the latch and open the small window. A pleasing southerly breeze touches your face, ruffles the branches on a nearby bush, and a small bird sings. Beside the house you can see a tender stream gurgling over soft rounded stones. Leaning on the waist high cill of the window you inhale deep gentle breaths of fresh spring air. Small white flowering snowdrops peek out of green grassy banks of the rill, white skirts nodding quietly in the playful air.  The last of the brown autumn leaves blow hurriedly over the clear earth under tall trees. You can almost smell spicy resin in the bark of the trees. You will not leave the house, but continue to look out through the window, noticing every small change in the scene. What do you envision coming into sight? Maybe an animal, a bird, person, or blossoming plant. The whole world is out there. Enjoy standing at the window looking at the earth and rainbow.

When ready close the window, walk back over the lavender, releasing its aroma, to your seat by the fire. You can feel a smile of optimism on your face, knowing that the season is turning, fresh existence and growth active in all beings and in your own life.

Turn your thoughts inwards to the midriff of your being. Be aware of your own essence at your centre, your true self. It is as if you are looking through a window again, this opening into your own soul. And within is everything. Happiness, creativity, joy, grief and pain, you can see them all. Looking through the window you can see all this is known by your soul. Yet you are not concerned, feeling contentment and serenity and acceptance.

Bring the meditation to a close by bringing your attention again to the painting on the wall of a woman in the stream and man beside her. They are an apparent duality. We perceive much of the world as split into fragments. Notice their freedom. The woman paddling in the stream as if a child. The man watching and waiting to take her hand when ready to step away from splashing amongst the water worn stones. The divine truth within your soul is there, always playing and waiting to be acknowledged. Thank them for their presence and inspiration. Finish, have a drink and bite to eat.

1st February 2016 -

The Imbolc weekend was rounded off with the regular first Monday of the month Open Heart meditation & healing Circle at Betive Mill.  Ths focussed on Brigid in her role as smith, worker with fire.  A meditation on meeting Brigid at a forge in the forest and telling her what we'd like to create this year with her help and requesting that she aid in keeping the inspiration alight in the coming weeks.  A magical, mystical, calming night was had by all.


Swan : Samhain 2014 - 4th November 2014


Connecting to the ancestral legends of the Swans - The Children of Lir at Lake Derravaragh - and Aengus and Caer - Newgrange.


Connecting to the Whooper Swans that migrate from Greenland to spend the winter at Newgrange, and also the other swans arriving at this time of year.


Connecting above and below with the constellation Cygnus flying up the Milky Way, one of the names of the River Boyne.


Connecting to our ancesters through a fossil from Svalbard, which lies within the Arctic Circle.




As the white swan flew over the land, the mother wept. Tears of gold flowed over her red cheeks and onto her red earth. How had this come to pass?


The white swan flying away, leaving for another land. Desperate she looked skywards again. It seemed as if the flying swan melted into the soft clouds, down feathers melding with white haze. Sometime later she again looked up and it seemed as if the clouds took the form of a flock of white swans, drifting on invisible winds, rushing eastwards. All was silent.


Then a melodic piping carried across the valley – calling to the hearts of those that hear:


Listen. Listen to my call. I beckon across the years, across the ages, from a time when these lands were hot, volcanic. When steaming springs bubbled and islands rose from the warm waters.


Your kind were not here then. But we lived. We are your relations and friends from the times when our bodies grew large and strong under the light of the sun. In the moonbeams water loving creatures and we earthbound ones watched the stars as you do. We call to you across the millennia to be at peace, as we were. We died where we lived, and you find us there now, undisturbed in the hard muds and limestones, your ancestors.


Your ancestors call to you.


Your desire for change is great. But change will surely come, everything evolves. You journey far, searching for the sun, when it is always above you and within you.


Celebrate your life, your experiences. This is the message of your ancestors.


We lived and died and formed your bedrock.


That is our gift to you. Build your lives upon us and continue the generation’s gift to your offspring, and to the offspring of their offspring.


Across the hilltops and through the valleys the haunting sound of the pipes echoes.


Music -  James Galway - Swan Song. Saint Saens. Carnival of the Animals.


St. Patrick - Cailleach - Tlachta - Boan - Cow's Path - Ourselves

Meditations leading up to Wesak - March and April 2013 - Held at Tara Healing Centre, Hill of Tara, Meath - These meditations were held after the meditation evening had moved from An Tobar to Tara, to anchor the intentions into Tara and also to link into the grid lines around Tara and out into the wider landscape.

Traditionally Wesak is when the Full Moon is in Taurus - 26 April 2013.  Wesak celebrates Buddha’s birthday, when the Buddha energy is strongly experienced on earth and when we pay particular attention to the spirit within all of us and within all of Creation.  The actual date varies subject to which calendar and / or spiritual tradition you follow and many will also celebrate at the Full Moon on 25 May 2013.

25th March 2013 - 7 gathered around the wood burner - icey sleet driving from the north outside. As we meditated on the air element the wind purred ominously, and when we got to facing outwards sharing loving kindness with the world the sound of plane engines joined the wind and carried the messages of health, happiness and peace. We shall always remember these first evenings of the meditation group at Tara - there is something special about the small challenges we are having and our continued confirmations that we want to be there, and so enjoy the space. Thank you everyone and thank you Tara.







earth from Ireland

Primavera – Einaudi, Deer's Cry (Lorica / St. Patrick's Breastplate) – Angelina,  Be Thou my Vision (Slane),  The Year is Awaking - Donovan


The legend is that St Patrick lit the Paschal fire on Slane thus usurping the power of the High King Laoghaire on Tara who was to be the first to light the fires at the spring time festival.

Samples of earth from around Ireland were shared.

 air element 25 march

Tara's Theme - Gone with the Wind,  Anthem – Jonathan Livingstone Seagull, The Colours of the Wind - Pocohontas,  Winds of Change - Beach Boys



The white witch lived amongst the cairns of Loughcrew.  When the wind blew it told her its wisdom.  The witch would then fly from her place to the High King on Tara.  She would tell him the message and the High King would tell the people.

Multi-coloured feathers represented the birds of the air.


bagfull of candles

Heavenly Joy - Beyond, One Little Candle - Josef Locke, Lead Kindly Light - Libera, Eternal Light - Libera


At Bealtaine the sacred fire was first kindled at Uisneach and when those at Tara saw it, they lit their fire. At Samhain the sacred fire was first kindled at Tlachta and then carried to the Feast at Tara.

Bees wax candles were lit to brighten our spiritual connections.



Riverdance - Bill Whelan & Anuna, Circle Song - Wendy Rule, The Fountain - Libera, Ripples in the Rockpool - Rita Connolly  

They warned her, they warned her, they warned her, she was banned. But Boand made a brave approach to the forbidden land. Boand walked around the well, around the well, around the well, three times. The waters rose, they splashed her mouth.The knowledge broke its holding chains.The knowledge flowed into her veins and greatly did it swell. The water kept on rising and she was forced to flee. Running across the earth, running eastwards to the sea, Boand flowed through sweet  valleys, over dangerous weirs. Boand swept through fields of grass towards high Tara's Hall.

Water from a Swiss sacred well was shared during meditation then gifted back at Dowdstown Bridge - link here



Om Mani Padme Hum - Craig Preuss, Uno - Einaudi, Shabda - Mike Oldfield, Connecting Hearts - Beyond


The element that defines things and through which we travel.  5 roads are said to meet at Tara. The roads in Ireland are linked to the cow and milk through the word bo – bothar, boreen - and the Milky Way is known as the Cow's Path.  As above, so below.




El Shadai - Amy Grant, Something Inside So Strong, Labi Siffre, Deep Peace - Bill Douglas, The Rose - Bette Midler,  Walk of Life - Dire Straits   Consciousness might be looked on as the elements knowing themselves, or another way,  'awareness'.


Dagda and the Harp - Autumn Equinox 21 September 2015

newgrange entrance stone

A Meditation on Choices


Narrator: Irish lore is full of stories that have fantastical people and magical semi divine beings who are put into situations that require innovative solutions to proceed while observing certain prohibitions’ or “geassaí”.


Tonight's meditation on choices is rooted in the tales of Dagda, the good god and his magical Harp.


Dagda: I am the Dagda. Betroth of Danu, father of Brigit, wise and beneficent leader of the Tuath de Danann. I live in Brú na Bóinne.


Harp: I am the beautiful jewel encrusted oak harp of Dagda. I am the voice of the people of this sacred land and also their symbol. I am the voice of the sovereign self. I sing only truth.


Dagda.: Tell our guests what else you can do


Harp: I restore to life and heal. I place the seasons in their right order.


Dagda: Perhaps a demonstration of your power of attack for our guests. Let them feel the disarming power of Sadness


Harp: Let the music evoke our own shadow self, sabotage, failure, destruction, inactivity, asleep, apathetic, indifferent, sadness. Of this, what did you come here tonight with?....................


Dagda. I am divine, as are our esteemed guests and even I am depressed. Please forgive me for using my divinity in this way. I am apologise. I didn’t realise the effect I was having in my world. I thank you for this opportunity to become more aware, I love you from the bottom of all my hearts, I bless you from the depth of my divine essence. Harp, perhaps something lighter?


Harp: Let the music evoke our own shadow self, Sleep, laziness, apathy, indifference. In what way are you sleep walking? Of this, what did you come here tonight with?....................


Dagda. Harp, show them your creative power in a more positive light. Let our esteemed guests sample some joy, optimism, gladness and laughter.


Harp: Let the music wash over you and manifest joy for each of our esteemed guests. Let them embody this quality, bring it into this group and take home this power with them. The more joy they take the more they get.

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