Monday Meditation and Healing Circles were held at Hill of Tara Healing Centre from 4 February 2013 to 17 February 2014

When the Healing Centre on the Hill of Tara became available we moved from An Tobar at Ardbraccan up to the Hill.  Unfortunately a year later the decision was made to close the centre and we were forced to look for a new venue and subsequently re-located to Bective Mill.

Thanks to Mary who brought these Bird of Paradise flowers all the way from the Canary Islands to share on Tara.
first tara centre


Summer Solstice 2013 centre for Salmon of Knowledge meditation

centre for jack and jill meditation

A butterfly rested in a sun puddle inside the room during one of our meditations

butterfly from 29 sept

In the winter peat briquettes are on the fire, the smudge burns a short while, candles are lit, warm socks keep toes cosy and we settle down for an evening meditation and healing circle.

tara inside

This wicker angel shared many meditation evenings in 2013

angel in Tara Healing Centre

3 February 2014 Open Heart evening with meditation focus on Brigid and the Rainbow

rainbow lights


The legend goes that Brigid had been walking out in the rain and her cloak was soaked.  She hung it on a sunbeam to dry.

Being so wet, water was probably cascading from the cloth.  Yet, the sun was out and the water droplets would have sparkled and dripped rainbows like sun catcher crystals.


NOTE - the Healing Centre on Tara is CLOSED

map of tara

Tara Healing Centre

tara healing centre from the south

Tara Healing Centre is the building nearest to you in this photo with a green/blue door

tara healing centre from the north

Furthest building on the right, beyond the white painted shop of Maguires. 

tara outside tara door

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