Hill of Tara Landscape : Sacred Art Rediscovered

Sacred Art rediscovered after thousands of years.

Samhain is a special time of the year. It is the death of the old and the birth of the new.

During the birth process a baby comes roaring out of the darkness of the nurturing womb into the glare of the light……and so it is with Tara’s latest birth brought to the light by archaeologists removing the cap stone of an early Christian  souterain at Lismullen  in the path of the insensitively placed M3.

 lismullin sa art

This year for the first time in centuries the Samhain sun is illuminating a sand stone boulder with Neolithic glyphs placed there five millennia ago.  The boulder consists of zigzags and nested circles with some fine picking detail that looks as fresh as the day it was done.

This boulder is as old as its sister on the hill top of Tara and to the touch is surprisingly warm, a sure sign of living energy, perhaps even a sleeping diva still in the stone.


  lismullin neolithic art 2

During the start of Samhain a beam of the rising sun illuminates the ancient Neolithic art in the mound of the hostages. This year the Samhain sun now illuminates both stones which beyond doubt would have been part of the Tara landscape. So for the first time in centuries the art is temporarily reunited by the sun’s rays.

 hostages small

Page last updated: 6th Nov 2014