Hill of Tara Landscape : Holy Well


St Patrick's Well, The Hill of Tara.  

Words spoken by Des Maguire 21. 3. 2002

tuath linde 8

 Water is a gift from God which flows, freely, underground and eventually appears overground, to cleanse, quench the thirst of man and beast.

Not forgetting the moisture to growth, to our world, all over.  So, St Patrick's well, flowing on the Hill of Tara for centuries.

The High Kings, St. Patrick himself, Daniel O'Connell and thousands of his followers, one must remember they needed water for what use. 

So, thank God, our local community are restoring the well and putting a face on what it used to be. 

And many thanks to all for their co-operation and interest shown and please God we all will see the day, people from far and near, will find an easy walk to this historic well and find an ease, and be proud to taste the water.


tara - good friday


entrance to well may 2012 well may 2012 a
dessies tree plaque dinnys tree plaque
dessies tree dinnys tree
dessies tree1

dinnys tree1

1688 well sign
Spring pruning 2013
des tree sp eq 2013 dinnys tree sp eq 2013
dessies tree solstice 2013


 Dessie's tree Summer Solstice 2013 has an abundance of growth and leaves.


outlet left side path 
1688 flooding1
The memorable winter snows of 2010
snow1  snow2
Good Friday 29 March 2013

tara - good friday2  tara - good friday3

Spring Equinox March 2014 the hawthorn hedge has been layered


2016 - firstly February Daffodils appear then June's Lady's Mantle prolific as usual

daffs before lady's m  ladys mantle june 2016

February 2017 and another pruning of the trees

IMG 20170214 152705

and by Samhain the last of the leaves cling on to the 'cloud cut' tops

well 301017

 Also in 2017 the trough lost its old gutter pipe and a smart flagged rill guides the water flow into the field trough for the animals

tara well 291017

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