Western Woodland Fairy Tree Rath na Sinead
e0007 1 fairy tree towards church
Rath Grainne Sloping Trenches Banqueting Hall
grainne17mar cloenfherta tara church and hall
Western slope Rath na Rig Rath Leoghaire
western side rath na ri laoghaire
Mound of the Hostages Church & Visitor Centre Forradh & Teach Cormac
moh2 tara church from path



It is not easy to give a chronology for monuments on the hill due to lack of found artefacts. However this seems to be the accepted sequence of events.

3030 - 2190BC Palisade enclosure under Mound of the Hostages

2000BC Mound of the Hostages in use

Towards the end of use of Mound of the Hostages Banqueting Hall cursus aligned on the tomb

Early bronze age - Rath Maeve and re-use of Mound of Hostages for urn internments, also, now not visible, barrows and ring ditches

Middle bronze age - ring ditches and bowl barrows around the hill

Iron Age - Rath na Rig

2nd and 4th century AD - Roman artefacts found at Rath na Sinead (does not indicate Roman presence however)

Late pre- Christian Iron age - palisade on Rath na Rig and Teach Cormac, other monuments and entrances onto the Hill

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